Quest:Instance: The First Promise

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Instance: The First Promise
Level 119
Type Solo
Starts at Skarháld
Start Region Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Map Ref [36.0N, 46.4W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 8
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Skarháld is under attack! Karazgar seeks the fulfillment of his promise!"


Before the dwarves at Skarháld have had the chance to properly prepare, Karazgar launches the first of his promised attacks upon the fortress.

Objective 1

  • Catch up to Durin at the bottom of the stairs

The fortress of Skarháld is under attack! Durin raced ahead and already engages in battle at the bottom of the stairs.

Zhélruka Warrior says, Look!'
Zhélruka Warrior says, To battle! Defend the fortress!
Zhélruka Warrior says, Now!
Zhélruka Warrior says, Show them no quarter!'
Zhélruka Warrior says, Hold!
Zhélruka Warrior says, Fire!
Durin says, <name>, over here!
Durin says, Here come more drakelings!
  • Talk to Durin in the upper courtyard of the fortress

Durin fights against the onslaught of dragon-kind at the upper courtyard of the fortress and needs your help.

Durin says, Karazgar left us no time to prepare! But how has he brought these drakes and dragons to bear against us? Let us drive off these winged beasts and prove to the Weeping Warrior that dwarves cannot be intimidated so easily ... neither Longbeard nor Zhélruka!

Objective 2

  • Fight alongside Durin at Skarháld

Durin fights against the onslaught of dragon-kind at the upper courtyard of the fortress and needs your help.

Durin says, <name>, the dwarves operating the siege defences need your help!

Objective 3

  • Climb the central platform and assist the dwarves operating the siege defences

Durin has seen that the dwarves operating the siege defences are in need of help, and asked you to attend to them.

Zhélruka Warrior says, Keep firing, Zhélruka! <name>, we are in trouble.
Zhélruka Warrior says, This way! This way! We must help with the siege defences!
Zhélruka Warrior says, Is this Karazgar's doing? How does he command so many drakes?
Zhélruka Warrior says, We will not have enough bolts to slay them all!
Zhélruka Warrior says, It is not safe up here! The beasts smash our defences to pieces!
The siege defences are being overrun!
Zhélruka Warrior says, Durin! What do we do?

Objective 4

  • Talk to Durin in the upper courtyard of the fortress

The drakes and other dragon-kind have begun to overwhelm Skarháld. Durin calls for you to help him turn the tide.

'What do we do? I know we must not do... we must not give in to despair! But anyone can see there are too many drakes and not enough dwarves to repel them. Think! We must think! How can we drive them away from the fortress? What would Uncle Nain do? Bah! I cannot think of anything!
'Come with me, <name>! I saw Bótuz Frostblood fighting down below. Let us go to him and see if he has a plan!'
Durin says, <name>, come with me! We will find Bótuz Frostblood!
Zhélruka Warrior says, Good luck to you, and to us all!
Durin says, There have always been dragons in the Grey Mountains.
Durin says, Dwarves have warred with dragons for centuries!
Durin says, But never before have dragon-kind served one such as Karazgar!
Durin says, Worms crawl upon the stairs!
Durin says, I do not understand how Karazgar could command an army this size!
Durin says, How has he compelled the service of this dragon-brood?

Durin says, This way! Bótuz fights a mighty drake ahead of us!
Durin says, A single worm lies in our way, <name>!
Bótuz Frostblood says, Ha! Take that, beast!
Durin says, We have the victory! And look! Bótuz triumphs as well!

Objective 5

  • Fight alongside Durin at Skarháld

Bótuz Frostblood fights among his people in an upper courtyard of the fortress, but the drakes and other dragon-kind do not relent.

Zhélruka Warrior says, Oh no!
Karazgar says, Behold the wrath of Karazgar!
Karazgar says, Not even dragon-kind can withstand my might.
Karazgar says, I will return... as promised.
At Karazgar's signal the dragon-kind retreat, their victory assured and unnecessary to prove

Objective 6

  • Talk to Durin in the courtyard of Skarháld

Durin is in the courtyard of Skarháld. Most of the dragon-kind army has retreated.

'It is done, <name>. Karazgar could have slain us all, killed to the very last dwarf, but he chose to spare us instead. Hah! It is no mercy. He seeks to use fear as a weapon against us.
'Alas for Bótuz Frostblood! We must not let the Zhélruka despair his loss, or the fortress is as good as fallen. I tell you dwarves are resilient. May we prove it!'