Quest:Instance: The Fiddle and the Drum

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Instance: The Fiddle and the Drum
Level 86
Type Solo
Starts with Ellen Fremedon
Starts at Underharrow
Start Region Kingstead
Map Ref [67.4S, 73.6W]
Quest Group Underharrow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Long at odds with the glory-seeking Éowyn, Ellen Fremedon of Underharrow finds herself overwhelmed by the task of sheltering the helpless of Rohan."


Lady Fremedon of Underharrow finds herself at odds with Éowyn as she makes ready for the impending migration to Dunharrow.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Ellen Fremedon

Ellen Fremedon can be found outside the Mead Hall of Underharrow.

You have arrived in Underharrow and should acquaint yourself with Ellen Fremedon and her family.

Ellen Fremedon: 'Come, let us talk of other things.'

Objective 2

  • Walk with Ellen Fremedon

Ellen Fremedon can be found around Underharrow.

You have asked to speak more with Ellen Fremedon, and she is now telling you of the burdens that fall on Underharrow.

Ellen Fremedon: 'Walk with me, <name>.'
  • Follow Ellen Fremedon on her walk through Underharrow
Ellen Fremedon: 'My husband, Dúnhere, has ridden to the Westfold, leaving the Harrowdale in my hands. Lady Éowyn has sent the people of Kingstead here to me for shelter as they wait to travel to Dunharrow. We have waited long enough... the people of Rohan suffer, but what am I to do? Underharrow is far too small to shelter them all, but I cannot turn them away. I have tried to bring them joy through my music, but the strings have not sung to my people as they once did.
I wonder, what delays Éowyn? The girl is likely off meddling in problems she has no business solving...
...and for what? Glory? She would do well to learn her people are of greater importance than her foolish charges. With the men gone to war, Underharrow stands defenceless. I worry for my people, and I know I alone cannot keep them safe.
Come, I wish to look upon the Snowbourn.
Alas, if only my troubles could flow away in such currents, but our journey will only take us further upstream.'
Dúnburg: 'Mother! Mother! I-'
Ellen Fremedon: 'Dúnburg! What are you doing wielding such things? Have we not talked about this? Now is the time to aid our people, not run wildly through the Harrowdale with a dagger!'
Dúnburg: 'But, mother, the Dead Men...'
Ellen Fremedon: 'Nonsense! Now, return to our hall and help people settle in! I shall be there soon, my dear ...and put those things away!'
Dúnburg: 'Lady Éowyn would believe me! The Dead are in the valley!'
Ellen Fremedon: 'Oh, Dúnburg...'

After an argument with her daughter, Ellen shifts her focus back to her people

Objective 3

  • Talk to Ellen Fremedon

Ellen Fremedon can be found near the river Snowbourn in Underharrow.

You have finished speaking to Ellen Fremedon and met her daughter. You should now aid her in helping the people of Rohan.

Ellen Fremedon: 'I am sorry, <name>.
'No matter how I try to sway her, my daughter idolises Éowyn. While I admire her passion, she is still too young of age to follow such a charge.
'Come, let us return to the Mead Hall. There we can talk more of what is to be done.'
Ellen Fremedon: 'Come, there are many matters to be dealt with!'