Quest:Instance: The Drowned Treasury

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Instance: The Drowned Treasury
Level 59
Type Fellowship
Starts with Bori
Starts at The Chamber of Leadership
Start Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [6.5S, 105.4W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 4
Reflecting Pool Moria Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

"In the flooded depths of Moria was the great axe Zigilburk lost. Few have ever tried to find it, and fewer ever returned from their quests. Who now remains to challenge the shadows that linger in the dark halls of the deep places...?"


You have come with Bori to the flooded passages beneath the Waterworks, where he believes Zigilburk might yet be found.

Objective 1

Bori is just inside the door to Gundlajân.

Bori is waiting to speak with you about his plan.

Bori: 'If you and your allies can clear the flooded passages that lie between Gundlajân and Ghân-gharâf, we might yet find the armouries written about in the Book of Mazarbul.
'Could it be that we might find Zigilburk there? I hope so, <name>!
'If the records I have studied are to be believed, dwarves erected great mechanisms here to seal off several of the passages when the gredbyg grew too numerous. You will need to deal with the creatures and learn the means of operating the mechanisms to clear the way. I will follow you once I have finished examining the map of these places, for it is very confusing and we will need to keep our bearings.'

Objective 2

The flooded tunnels between Gundlajân and Ghân-gharâf are blocked by ancient dwarf-mechanisms and filled with all manners of dangerous beasts. Both challenges will need to be overcome.

Bori says, "I'll follow when I am able. Clear the way through the tunnels, if you can!"
Bori says, "If I am right, we should be very near the upper armouries."
Bori says, "I will spin this wheel and let you through."

Objective 3

  • Enter Ghân-gharâf through the unblocked passage

Bori has helped clear a passage into Ghân-gharâf, and you should now make your way through it.

Bori says, "I will catch up with you after I have finished looking around out here."

Objective 4

You have discovered Bróin in the flooded ruin of Ghân-gharâf, still alive despite his struggle with the Watcher in the Water before the Doors of Durin.

Bróin: 'I... cannot believe....'
Bróin shudders with the very effort of speech.
'The beast... in the water! Beware, friends....'
Bróin says, "Be careful... my friends... the beast returns!"

Objective 5

Through secret, water-filled passages, the Watcher has returned to Ghân-gharâf to find something unexpected: adventurers who wish to challenge it.

Objective 6

  • Talk to Bróin

Bróin is weak, but you may be able to rescue him from the flooded depths before the Watcher returns in anger.

Bróin: 'Are you friends? Is this some...apparition?
Bróin coughs, and you see for the first time the axe shining by his side: an axe so fair, bright, and cold that it can only be made of mithril.
Bróin catches your glance and smiles weakly.
'The beast brought me to this place...thinking to save me for later...I expect; one of its victims bore this. He is all bones, now, but I owe him my life, whoever he was. I could keep the beast at bay...with the axe made of mithril...but did not have the strength to escape. I would...surely have starved.
'You say Bori is with you? What...a wonder. I shall give him a surprise, I expect! Good old Bori!'
Bróin: 'Let us... get out of here, <name>. I am glad... this place will not... be my grave.'