Quest:Instance: The Dragon's Bones

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Instance: The Dragon's Bones
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Starts at Lake-town: The Dragonbone Inn
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [17.5N, 26.5W]
Ends with Authi Gem-cutter
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 6
Reflecting Pool Strongholds of the North Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Dragon's Bones
"Follow me, friend. Kólfith will not be long."


A man of Lake-town has offered you information on Karazgar, the Weeping Warrior, and agreed to meet you inside the Dragonbone Inn.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Fasti inside the Dragonbone Inn

Fasti is inside the Dragonbone Inn, waiting to show you to a table where you can wait for Kólfith.

Fasti: 'I am sure Kólfith will be along to speak with you shortly, <name>. There are two taverns in Lake-town, but the Dragonbone Inn is always full of patrons; the noise makes it most well-suited to conducting discreet business.'

Objective 2

  • Follow Fasti to your table

Fasti is speaking with the owner of the tavern in order to arrange a table for you.

Fasti says, "This way, <name>."
Fasti says, "Need a table for this <race>, Ránnvig."
Fasti says, "This is one of Kólfith's friends."
Ránnvig says, "I don't want any trouble here, Fasti."
Fasti says, "Just one table, Ránnvig. Maybe in the back?"
Ránnvig says, "No. Right there by the fire."
Fasti says, "Fine. Over here."
Fasti says, "Have a seat, maybe buy a drink or two. Kólfith will join you soon."
You have some time to wait before Kólfith arrives

Objective 3

  • Wait inside the Dragonbone Inn for Kólfith to arrive

Fasti told you to wait for Kólfith to arrive.

Dwarf Patron: The dwarf ignores you. He seems content to sit and take in the scenery, keeping to himself.
Tavern-goer: 'There are many forces at work in Lake-town, friend. You had best keep to yourself or you might get hurt. Most of the folk here are good people.'
The man shares a look with his companion before turning back to face you again.
'Most,' he says.
Tavern-goer: 'Have you seen the bones of the Dragon, stranger? They are hard to miss, for even a cursory glance will reveal their blanched horror, and none could mistake them for anything but the legacy of their cruel owner, no longer living.
'We were just discussing what has caused their emergence from the Lake. My wife believes that soil and other deposits washed downstream have collected beneath the buildings of Old Lake-town, raising both the pilings and the Dragon's bones above the water.
'I think the Lake cannot bear to hold Smaug's malice any longer, and belches him forth, revealing him to the sun and to the stars. What say you?'
Tavern-goer: 'Ránnvig has been a good friend to my family for many years. Do not cause any trouble for her and we will get along fine, stranger.'
Tavern-goer: 'Smaug has been dead these many years! I say let him lie, and forget him, even if the Lake will not!'
Tavern-goer:'Bah, nothing but fanciful imaginings. There are no more dragons about, no matter what the old folk may say. Drink up, stranger, and pay no heed to such stories!'
Tavern-goer: 'You should keep moving. We don't need your company today.'
Tavern-goer: This man of Lake-town spends most of his days in the Dragonbone Inn, deep in his cups. He has no information for you, or if he does he is in no condition to share it with you.
Tavern-goer: This patron of the Dragonbone Inn has had more than his share and pays you no mind.
Tavern-goer: 'You aren't from around here, are you? Keep to yourself and cause no trouble, and you should have no problems in Lake-town. I have lived here all my life, and I come often to the Dragonbone Inn for Ránnvig's finest ale.
'Why, it has been almost an entire week since the last brawl! Time passes swiftly in safety, I suppose.'
Tavern-goer: 'Lake-town has always been good to me. It is not an easy life, but if you work hard the Lake will provide. Years ago it was different. You know when I mean: the days of the Dragon. But he is long gone, and only his bones remain.
'I raise a mug to his ferocity, and to the memory of those good folk who lost their lives to it!'

Objective 4

  • Return to your table by the fire

You should return to your table in the Dragonbone Inn.

Dwarf Patron says, "I am sorry. Do you think I might intrude upon your time?"

Objective 5

A dwarf has come to your table in the Dragonbone Inn.

Dwarf Patron: 'Hello there, friend. I hope you do not mind my intrusion, but I have not seen you at the Dragonbone Inn before today, and it seems to me you must have an interesting story or two to tell! This is my third-favourite drinking spot, and I never miss an opportunity to sample the local brew whenever chance brings me through Lake-town, as it has today. Another opportunity I never miss: learning more about the folk who cross my path, and the adventures that led them to cross it!'
The dwarf laughs heartily and strokes his beard.
'I am called Authi Gem-cutter, and I am at your service, of course!

To Dwarves:
'We dwarves must stick together, no matter which land we call home. Do you hail from the Lonely Mountain, as I do, or have you come here from lands more distant? I am something of a traveller myself, but in recent days I have remained closer to home, focusing on my craft. I find the most joy in fashioning complex trinkets and improving my handiwork.'
To Elves:
'I have not had occasion to meet many Elves, for they do not often visit the halls of Durin's Folk. I cannot blame them for that! I do not visit their own halls in Mirkwood, after all, and if the tales are true I do not expect I would be welcomed there anyway! I am something of a traveller myself, and have been to many other lands. The wanderlust runs in my family, but I find the most joy in fashioning complex trinkets and improving my handiwork.'
To High Elves:
'I hope you do not think I am being too forward, but I have only met a small number of Elves before today, and you seem different from them somehow. Are you a leader of your own kind? There is something about you that strikes me as being particularly... by Durin's Beard, I am not a word-smith, forgive me my clumsiness. Something about you seems particularly Elf-like, as if the others were carved using you as a model or as a guide.'
Gently, you tell Authi that there are as many different kinds of Elves as there must be of dwarves, and you would not claim to any such authority.
'I see, and I hope you will forgive my presumption! You must have travelled to many distant lands and heard similarly foolish words from dwarves and others! I am something of a traveller myself, for it runs in my family, but I take most joy in the fashioning of complex trinkets and the improvement of my handiwork.'
To Hobbits:
'What brings you to the Dragonbone Inn? We do not see many hobbits in this part of the world, but I am familiar with your kind even so. I came back to the Lonely Mountain when our exile ended, and I am grateful for the bravery of your king, Bilbo Baggins, on behalf of Durin's Folk!'
You tell Authi that Bilbo isn't really a king of the hobbits, and he laughs heartily and strokes his beard.
'Perhaps you are being modest on his behalf? If he was not a king, surely Bilbo Baggins was an important figure in your homeland all the same! I have never been there, though I am something of a traveller myself; it runs in my family, but I take most joy in the fashioning of complex trinkets and the improvement of my handiwork.'
To Men:
'What brings you to the Dragonbone Inn? Men and women are no rarity in Dale and Lake-town, but I can tell from your dress and bearing that you have passed through many lands to come here. Which is the furthest, would you say?'
You consider your travels and hazard a guess. Authi nods wisely.
'That is quite a ways, friend! I am something of a traveller myself, for it runs in my family, but I take most joy in the fashioning of complex trinkets and the improvement of my handiwork.'

'Of late I have been less successful, I'm afraid, and it is not just my own craft that suffers!'

Dwarf Patron says, "Ah, I do not want to trouble you with my problems."

Objective 6

  • Remain alert for signs of trouble

Kólfith has come to the Dragonbone Inn, but his friendly demeanour has fallen away and he seems eager for a fight.

Kólfith says, "Someone's been asking questions they shouldn't."
Ránnvig says, "Fasti said there would be no trouble, Kólfith!"
Kólfith says, "Fasti doesn't make the rules, Ránnvig."
Dwarf Patron says, "Is this about you, <name>?"
Ránnvig says, "At least take your quarrel outside."
Kólfith says, "<name>, I want to ask you some questions."

Objective 7

Kólfith has come to the Dragonbone Inn, but his friendly demeanour has fallen away and he seems eager for a fight.

Kólfith: 'This town is built upon the Lake, <name>, and the water rises and falls around it. There is an order to this place. If that balance is upset, Lake-town suffers. You should know your place here, <name>. It's dangerous to ask questions about Karazgar here. You might not like the answers.'

Objective 8

  • Survive the confrontation in the Dragonbone Inn
  • Authi Gem-cutter must not be defeated

Kólfith has come to the Dragonbone Inn, seeking to punish you for asking about Karazgar.

Kólfith says, "You don't have any business here, <race>."
Kólfith says, "My boys'll teach you a lesson."
Authi Gem-cutter says, "Is there room in the lesson for one more?"
Kólfith says, "You stay out of this, dwarf."
Authi Gem-cutter says, "Keeping out of a fight? Not my specialty!"
Kólfith says, "Take them both!"
Brawling Man says, "You can count on us, boss."
Tavern-goer says, "You got him!"
Tavern-goer says, "I never liked that trouble-maker!"
Ránnvig says, "I've warned you time and again, Kólfith!"
Ránnvig says, "No more!"
Brawling Man says, "We won't underestimate you like they did!"
Tavern-goer says, "Run away, Kólfith; you aren't welcome here!"
Tavern-goer says, "Your boys can't win this fight, Kólfith!"
Ránnvig says, "Free drinks to the patron who knocks out Kólfith!"
Tavern-goer says, "Yes!"
Kólfith says, "Finish them, Fasti!"
Fasti says, "But... but..."
Tavern-goer says, "Get back here!"
Fasti says, "Stop! Stop! I give up! Kólfith, come back!"
Brawling Man says, "Wait for me!"
Ránnvig says, "And don't come back!"

Objective 9

Ránnvig, the proprietor of the Dragonbone Inn, has some words for you.

Ránnvig: 'It is long past time someone stood up to Kólfith. He has been a source of much trouble for the patrons of my inn, and I am glad he has been put in his place. He will not dare to show his face around here for some time, and when he does, I wager, I will have no trouble finding folk to show him the door.
'Is it true he worked for Karazgar? That explains much about his dealings and about the company he has kept. Good riddance to him!
'You, however, will always be welcome at the Dragonbone Inn, <name>!'

Objective 10

Authi Gem-cutter is in the Dragonbone Inn, and he wishes to speak to you.

Authi Gem-cutter: 'That was an invigorating fight, <name>, and all the better because I did not expect it! Perhaps I must elevate this tavern one place in my personal ranking of drinking spots; now it is my second-favourite, and not my third!'
Authi Gem-cutter: 'I always have time for a good brawl and a refreshing ale! Let us speak outside, <name>. I have something I'd like to ask you.'