Quest:Instance: The Disaster

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Epilogue: The Disaster
Level 128
Type Solo
Starts with Vágari the Wandererer
Starts at road N of Blomgard
Start Region Vales of Anduin
Map Ref [0.0N, 56.7W]
Ends with Vágari the Wandererer
Quest Chain The Black Book of Mordor: Epilogue
Quest Text


The shade that came to called Vágari the Wanderer desires to confess to you the misdeeds of his past.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Vágari the Wanderer

Vágari the Wanderer desires to speak to you of his past misdeeds.

The second attack was more fierce than the first had been. Isildur's defeat seemed certain.

Vágari: 'I became separated from Isildur during the fighting, and while I was engaged with the Orcs on one flank of our diminishing circle, he gave something to his esquire Ohtar.'

'Ohtar vanished during the fighting. Did he escape? And more importantly; what was he given? What was he given?'

'Had Ohtar taken the Ring? I had to know!

Objective 2

  • Hear the words of Vëamacil as remembered by Vágari
Vëamacil: 'Tárandil! You have to keep fighting! We are going to get through this!'
'What did father give to Ohtar This is not the time for this, brother! Keep fighting!'

Objective 3

  • Listen to Vágari's account

Ornaher says, "There are too many!"
Vëamacil says, "Ornaher! No!"
Vëamacil says, "Tárandil, you have to protect father! Go!"
Tárandil says, "Vëamacil... I will..."
Tárandil says, "Meldaran, the Orcs are too many!"

Objective 4

  • Hear the words of Meldaran as remembered by Vágari
Meldaran: 'Tárandil, you are alive! Thank the Valar!'
'Things go ill for us, brother. Father sent his esquire away before the fighting became too thick, entrusting Ohtar to bear the shards of Narsil away from the battle. But I fear he did not give him the object of the Orc's desire, and if we do not do something they will seize it!'

Meldaran says, :Father, you have to escape! You must bring it to-"
Isildur says, "Stand tall, my sons."
Tárandil says, "Father! Wait!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Vágari the Wanderer
Vágari: 'During the confusion, I lost sight of Isildur. Where had he gone, and did he still have the Ring? If he escaped, my bargain with the Nazgul would come to naught!'

Objective 6

  • Find some sign that Isildur made for the riverbank

The riverbank! He must have escaped to the riverbank!

His armour lay among the reeds, discarded. He must have intended to swim!

Vágari the Wanderer says, "Isildur swam... and I pursued him."

Objective 7

  • Swim across the river to find Isildur

I found him at last, but could make no sense of his expression: mixed pain and elation.

Objective 8

  • Talk to Vágari the Wanderer
Vágari: 'My muscles ached. The swim had taken its toll on me, and I knew I must rest before attempting the return journey. I would hide among the reeds and wait until the Orcs prowling on the distant shore had abandoned their vigil; then I would swim back with my prize.'
'Despite my exhaustion, I had to complete the task I had set for myself. It was time.'

Objective 9

  • Listen to Vágari's account

Vágari the Wanderer says, "As tired as I was, as sick in heart and body as a man can be, I had to finish this."
Tárandil says, "Father, do you still have it? Does the Ring remain safe?"
Isildur says, "It is gone."
Isildur says, "It left me, in the water."
Isildur says, "I am forsaken, and I am free."
Tárandil says, "No..."
Tárandil says, "NO!"
Isildur says, "Tárandil, what is the-"
Tárandil says, "The Orcs!"
Tárandil says, "He must have been lying!"
Tárandil says, "His body... I need his body!"
Tárandil says, "I will find it and pry the Ring from his dead hand!"
Tárandil says, "Curse you, Isildur! Curse you!"
Tárandil says, "Bravantel and Héol were innocent!"
Tárandil says, "You are gone with the current... and the Ring with you....'

Objective 10

  • Talk to Tárandil

Tárandil: 'All is lost all is ashes! A thousand curses upon you!'

'Without the Ring I cannot fulfil my bond... I cannot save my family! Bravantel, Heol, I tried! I tried, I tried!'

Tárandil says, "You are gone with the current... and the Ring with you...."

Objective 11

  • Talk to Vágari the Wanderer
Vágari: 'But for men such as me, death was no escape.'

Completed: Instance: The Disaster