Quest:Instance: The Deadly Dinner

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Instance: The Deadly Dinner
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Automatic Quest Bestowal
Starts at Lake-town: The Master's Manor
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [17.3N, 26.8W]
Ends with Dagrun
Quest Group The Dale-lands
Quest Chain The Master's Murder
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"A grand dinner is being hosted by the Elders of Lake-town; however, the shadow of the late Master's murder still hangs over the Manor. Is something wicked about to unfold?"


A grand dinner is being hosted by the Elders of Lake-town, but the shadow of the late Master's murder still hangs over the Manor. Something wicked is about to unfold.

Objective 1

Dagrun has been waiting for you.

You should talk to Dagrun.

Dagrun: 'It seems everyone else has already arrived! Let us join them at the dinner table. And do be on your best behaviour.'

Objective 2

  • Listen to the conversation

The dinner guests are conversing.

You should listen to the conversation.

Orgrand says, "Couldn’t bother with a timely arrival, Dagrun? Tsk tsk!"
Hoskuld says, "Surely everyone is here. Can we eat now? I tire of just staring at this food!"
Maeriel says, "I believe it is customary here to await the host before eating."
Hoskuld says, "Bah. I do not wish to offend, but I cannot endure waiting for the Elders much longer!"
Orgrand says, "Dagrun, have you met Sútvif? Her son was killed by those Easterlings. The poor dear."
Sútvif says, "Greetings, Dagrun."
Dagrun says, "I have not. I am sorry for your loss, Sútvif."
Orgrand says, "I have also been working with the orphanage to make sure all our children whose parents died in the battle are well cared for."
Frekur says, "Laying it on a bit thick, are you not, Orgrand? The commoners might fall for a wink and a smile, and all these talks of charity, but we do not."
Frekur says, "Is your companion even who you claim? Or does she resort to trickery as well?
Orgrand says, "What?! How dare you!"
Manor Servant says, "Apologies, my Lords and Ladies. The Elders are on their way."
Hoskuld says, "Good! I am starving!"
Manor Servant says, "Rikolf, sir? Someone has come to the door asking for you."
Rikolf says, "Ah, yes of course. I will be right there."
Háta says, "Who is that? Are you expecting someone? I will go with you."
Rikolf says, "No, no, wife. You stay here."
Háta says, "Rikolf? That was unlike him."
Hoskuld says, "I cannot take it anymore! I am going to eat!"
Hoskuld says, "Ugh... I suddenly feel unwell… very… not good…"
Orgrand says, "Is he all right?"
Frekur says, "He is probably not used to the rich foods of Men."

Objective 3

Hoskuld ran into the kitchen, seeming unwell.

You should talk to Dagrun.

Dagrun: 'Oh my, he did not seem well. Will you go check on him?'

Objective 4

Hoskuld ran into the kitchen, seemingly unwell.

You should check on Hoskuld.

Hoskuld: Hoskuld lies on the floor, unmoving, his face a deep maroon colour. You lean in closer and realize he is not breathing!
Hoskuld is dead!

Objective 5

Hoskuld is dead!

You should talk to Dagrun!

Dagrun: 'He is dead? How could this have happened?'

Objective 6

  • Listen to the conversation

The dinner guests are conversing.

You should listen to the conversation.

Orgrand shouts, "He is dead?! What?!"
Háta shouts, "The food! It must be poisoned!"
Dagrun says, "Everyone calm down. We do not know it was the food. Quickly, someone go fetch a healer!"
Thewár shouts, "The doors are all locked!"
Sútvif shouts, "And the servants are missing!"
Dagrun says, "No one panic. Someone will come soon to let us out. For now, do not eat or drink anything, just to be safe."
Frekur shouts, "How can we possibly be calm?! Someone has died!"
Rikolf shouts, "Wait, where is my wife?"

Objective 7

Háta did not return with the others.

You should find Háta.

Háta: Háta lies on the floor. You see red marks around her neck. She has been strangled!
Háta is dead!

Objective 8

Háta is dead!

You should talk to Dagrun!

Dagrun: 'Háta has been strangled?! Hoskuld's death could not have been an accident then. We are locked inside this manor with a murderer...'

Objective 9

  • Listen to the conversation

The dinner guests are conversing.

You should listen to the conversation.

Rikolf shouts, "My wife is dead?! You... You must have done this! And killed that Dwarf, too! You fiend!"
Frekur shouts, "Associating with murderers now, Dagrun? I see you will do anything to gain a foothold above your current station!"
Thewár shouts, "You know, that Mervárth fellow she spends her time with has always struck me as unsavoury..."
Dagrun shouts, "That is a ridiculous accusation. <name> would never commit such a dishonourable crime!"
Maeriel says, "I will not be party to these accusations without witness. <name> is a friend of my Prince and my people. Let me know when more sensible conclusions prevail, Dagrun."
Orgrand shouts, "I don’t care what you all think! I am going upstairs to find a way out. Maybe there’s an unlocked window!"
Dagrun shouts, "Please, everyone be calm! If there is a murderer among us, we are safer if we stay together!"
Frekur shouts, "You are not in charge here, Dagrun!"

Objective 10

The dinner guests have all split up.

You should talk to Dagrun.

Dagrun: 'Fools, all of them! Panicking is not the solution here. Maeriel is a friend, however, and I do worry about her. Will you please go check on her?'

Objective 11

Maeriel has left the room, angered at the other guests' behaviour.

You should go check on Maeriel.

Maeriel: Maeriel lies slumped on the floor. She has been stabbed through the back with a carving knife!
Maeriel is dead!

Objective 12

Maeriel is dead!

You should talk to Dagrun!

Dagrun: 'Maeriel too... We must stay together now, <name>. It is too easy for the fiend to end us one by one if we separate.'

Objective 13

  • Listen to the conversation

The dinner guests are conversing.

You should listen to the conversation.

Rikolf shouts, "<name> found another body? How convenient!"
Dagrun shouts, "You know very well that it could have been any of us! We did exactly what I said we should not do and split up!"
Thewár shouts, "I'm not going stand around here! One of you is a murderer and none can be trusted!"
Frekur shouts, "Do not be a fool, Thewár!"
Thewár shouts, "You are the fool if you expect your measly wages will keep me by your side this time!"
You hear a loud shriek followed by a loud thumping sound

Objective 14

Thewár has suddenly fallen down the stairs!

You should check on Thewár!

Thewár: Thewár looks to have several broken bones from the fall, but the back of his head is bloody, as if stricken by a heavy object. He is dead!
Thewár is dead!

Objective 15

  • Listen to the conversation

The dinner guests are conversing.

You should listen to the conversation.

Frekur shouts, "Thewár! His head has been stricken!"
Rikolf shouts, "<name>! It must have been!"
Frekur says, "Dagrun and I were with <name> when this happened. It could not have been him."
Dagrun says, "I am starting to wonder why you are so quick to blame all of this on <name>."
Rikolf shouts, "What are you saying?! I cannot withstand such an insinuation when my own wife lies among the dead!"
Frekur says, "Where are Orgrand and that woman?"
Rikolf shouts, "A timely question! Let us look for them."

Objective 16

Thewár is dead!

You should talk to Dagrun!

Dagrun: 'I fear this will only become easier for the murderer as our numbers thin. Where is Orgrand? I realize I have not seen him in quite a while.'
You hear a loud crash upstairs!

Objective 17

  • Find the source of the crash

A loud crash came from upstairs.

You should find the source of the crash.

Orgrand: Orgrand seems disoriented and barely notices you approach.
'What... What happened? I think someone struck me... Sútvif?'

Objective 18

  • Listen to the conversation

The dinner guests are conversing.

You should listen to the conversation.

Dagrun shouts, "Oh no, not another! Orgrand, what happened?"
Orgrand says, "I do not know. Someone struck me in the head..."
Frekur says, "I doubt this bookcase fell over on its own."
You hear someone break open the door downstairs!
'What is happening here?! I order everyone to come downstairs!'
Dagrun shouts, "Álarr!"
Dagrun shouts, "Álarr, there is a murderer among us! Only we five still live!"
Rikolf shouts, "It was Dagrun and <name>! They are ruthless criminals!"
Frekur says, "You know this is untrue, Rikolf. I will speak on their behalf."
Dagrun says, "I can vouch for Frekur as well."
Orgrand shouts, "Please set aside these accusations and let me out of here! I cannot remain beside these dead bodies!"
Álarr says, "Hold. None of you may leave until the truth is known. <name>, you have proven yourself worthy of my regard. Please tell me what happened here."

Objective 19

Captain Álarr has arrived downstairs.

You should talk to Álarr.

Álarr: You tell Captain Álarr all that has transpired.
'The murderer must be someone present. There was no way into the Manor from the outside. I no longer believe Skótmun was responsible for the Master's death either. Who had the most to gain by these deaths? It must be someone who would be in the running for the position; one of these four. I know it was not you, <name>. You have been involved in the investigation from the beginning! Tell me who did this.'

Objective 20

  • Accuse someone of murder!

You must accuse someone of murder!

Choose wisely!

Accusing of murder ...
Orgrand did not commit the murders!
Frekur did not commit the murders!
Dagrun did not commit the murders!
You accuse Rikolf of murder!

Objective 21

  • Listen to the conversation

The dinner guests are conversing.

You should listen to the conversation.

Álarr says, "Rikolf, you stand accused and must accompany me."
Rikolf the Elder shouts, "Rikolf, it cannot be! Wait..."
Rikolf the Elder shouts, "You are not my son! This man is in disguise! What have you done with my son!"
Rikolf shouts, "Karazgar, the Weeping Warrior, will be pleased to know that his schemes have brilliantly unfolded this eve!"
Álarr says, "Guard, go to Rikolf's home and see if the man who truly bears that name is within."
Álarr says, "Do not move, you."
Lake-town Guard shouts, "Rikolf is alive, sir! He was bound and gagged, his clothes stolen for this ruse!"
Rikolf the Elder says, "Thank goodness... <name>, may I have a word with you?"

Objective 22

Rikolf the Elder wants to speak with you.

You should talk to Rikolf the Elder.

Rikolf the Elder: 'Tell me, <name>, how did these three behave in this time of crisis?'
You tell the Elder of Orgrand's cowardice, Frekur's belligerence, and how Dagrun remained calm and collected while taking leadership.
'I see. It is just as I thought. I will go and speak to the other Elders. Wait here.'
Rikolf the Elder says, "Dagrun, Orgrand, Frekur, come with me. We will confer with the other Elders."
Álarr says, "I will be taking this one. You should wait here."
Some time passes
Rikolf the Elder says, "It has been decided. Dagrun shall become Master of Lake-town."
Rikolf the Elder says, "Her work for this town has been exemplary over a lengthy span. Her bravery and leadership in the face of death confirms that she is the clear choice."
Frekur says, "Hmph."
Orgrand says, "Congratulations, Dagrun! May we achieve great things together! Eheh..."

Objective 23

Dagrun has been named Master!

You should talk to Dagrun.

Dagrun: 'Master! I've been named Master! I wish it had not been in such gruesome circumstances. I think I'm in shock.'
Dagrun: 'Let us give them some space to take the victims away.'