Quest:Instance: The Battle of the Ford, Sunset

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Instance: The Battle of the Ford, Sunset
Level 75
Type Solo only
Starts with Map Table
Starts at Grimbold's Camp
Start Region Gap of Rohan
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 5
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Our prince was trapped in the middle of the river Isen. We had to fight through the line of uruks to reach him!"


You have returned with as much haste as you can to the Ford of Isen and must now try to save Prince Théodred from the forces of Saruman.

Objective 1

Grimbold needs you to fight alongside him to where Théodred is suffering the fierce attacks of Saruman's forces.

Grimbold: 'Death to the forces of Saruman! Death to them all! Quickly, <name>, we must get to the water's edge and see what has happened to the Prince!'
  • Fight alongside Grimbold to the water's edge
Grimbold says, "<name>! Fight only those who get in our way! We must get to the water!"
Grimbold says, "Rohirrim! Fight on, fight on!"
Grimbold says, "We must save the Prince! Do not give up!"
Grimbold says, "You think you can keep me from my Prince? You are a fool to try!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Grimbold on the bank of the Isen

Prince Théodred is in trouble on the eyot in the middle of the Isen! You need to fight alongside Grimbold to come to the aid of the Prince!

Grimbold: 'There is not time, <name>! Prince Théodred is beset on all sides! We have to cross the river and break through the ring that surrounds him!'
Grimbold says, "Look! Théodred is hard-pressed on all sides, but still he fights!"
Grimbold says, "Oh no...the Prince has fallen!"
  • Cross the river with Grimbold and rescue Théodred
Grimbold says, "Someone fights on, keeping the uruks at bay!"
Grimbold says, "It is Cynstan! The Prince's esquire!"
Cynstan says, "Get back! You will not touch him!"

Objective 3

You have come to the eyot in the middle of the river Isen and have found the uruk Morflak gloating over Théodred's fallen form.

Grimbold says, "Cynstan! No!"
Cynstan says, "But I...."
Morflak says, "Well, well, well. There is a face I have seen before!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Morflak

You have come to the eyot in the middle of the river Isen and have found the uruk Morflak gloating over Théodred's fallen form.

Morflak: '<name>! I thought we would not meet again. The old man was not pleased to lose you as his guest, and he was very cross with Morflak. But in his wisdom he sent me forth to gain his forgiveness, and with a simple mission!'
  • Defeat Morflak
Morflak says, "All I needed to do was kill the horse-prince! I have done this...and more beside!"
Morflak says, "And now I will settle my score with you!"
Morflak says, "Enough! Gather to me, boys! Finish this maggot once and for all!"
In the eastern distance, you hear a horn blowing from far away"
Grimbold says, "Prince Théodred, be strong!"
Morflak: Morflak's attention is drawn to the eastern bank of the Ford, but before you can take advantage of his inattention, you are yourself rooted to the spot with wonder.
A line of riders has come from Rohan, and the courage of the uruks melts away as the Rohirrim prepare to charge.
You have unlocked the movie 'Volume III, Book 5: The Prince of Rohan, Sunset'.