Quest:Instance: The Battle of the Ford, Afternoon

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Instance: The Battle of the Ford, Afternoon
Level 75
Type Solo only
Starts with Map Table
Starts at Grimbold's Camp
Start Region Gap of Rohan
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 5
Reflecting Pool Dunland Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Battle of the Ford, Afternoon
"We formed up between Théodred and our foes, fighting for our lives and his. There seemed to be no end to the uruks!"


Théodred's host has been driven back from the gates of Isengard in disarray, and pockets of Rohirrim are fighting for their lives as they retreat.

Objective 1

You have come down the road in retreat with Grimbold, and he has put up his hand to stop you.

Grimbold: 'This is far enough, <name>! Let us turn and face our pursuers! We must give Prince Théodred some time to move further south!'
Grimbold says, "We have to give Prince Théodred time to retreat, <name>!"
Grimbold says, "Here they come!"
  • Face the pursuing forces with Grimbold
Edwig says, "Do not let them through!"
Edwig says, "Push them back!"
Edwig says, "Do not give up hope!"
Edwig says, "Hold the line, men!"
Grimbold says, "Stand your ground!"
Shakh-hai Warrior says, "Die!"
Grimbold says, "We must fall back! Hurry!"
Grimbold says, "More foes from the flank!"
Grimbold says, "Stand your ground, <name>! We must buy the Prince what time we can!"

Objective 2

  • Fight off the attacking forces in order to buy Théodred precious time to retreat

You have retreated further down the road and are once more embroiled in the fighting. You must buy Théodred as much time as you can!

Grimbold: 'We are doing well, <name>! Every second we give to Prince Théodred is a second unwasted! So long as we stand, Rohan stands with us!'
Grimbold says, "Oh no...."
Grimbold says, "Edwig has taken a grievous blow!"
Grimbold says, "The time for fighting is over! Run!"
Grimbold says, "There is no victory here! We have to run!"

Objective 3

  • Follow Grimbold through the chaos of battle

Grimbold has fought off his opponent and wants to speak with you while he catches his breath.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Grimbold

The men are disorganized and in chaos, and Grimbold wants to gather them together for one last stand.

Grimbold: 'They will be on us in moments, <name>. Let me gather the men about us and ready them for this last assault.'
Grimbold says, "Gather to me! Saruman's hammer-stroke will soon be upon us!"
  • Listen to Grimbold's words
Grimbold says, "Our Prince has gotten to safety, but we cannot allow this force to reach him!"
Rohirrim Archer says, "Captain, a rider approaches!"
Grimbold says, "What?"
Wilfrith says, "Captain! A second force of uruks has come to the Ford in secret!"
Wilfrith says, "Cadda has been driven back into Rohan! Prince Théodred is in danger!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Grimbold

A rider has brought disturbing news: a second force of uruks has left Isengard in secret and has driven the defending force at the Ford of Isen back into Rohan.

Grimbold: 'A thousand curses upon Saruman! He sent a second force of uruks to the Ford on the other side of the river! We have to get back to the Prince at once! Without Cadda at the Ford, Prince Théodred cannot drive them off with the few men he has in his party!'
Grimbold: 'We cannot die here! We have to get back to the Ford at once to save Prince Théodred! He will be caught between the hammer and the anvil of Saruman!'
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