Quest:Instance: Rise and Fall

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Instance: Rise and Fall
Level 66
Type Solo only
Starts with Lhucu
Starts at Bonevales
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [76.2S, 18.0W]
Quest Group Dunland: Bonevales
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"With the source of the unrest uncovered, you accompany Lhucu into Lhan Gogledh to confront her father, Trehéarn.


You have accompanied Lhucu to the village of Lhan Gogledh to confront her father, Trehéarn Brenin.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Lhucu

Talk to Lhucu

Lhucu: 'It appears that my father has fallen completely under the sway of Mostun and has driven all of our people from the village. Look! He is protected by the abominations that walk the cairns!
'Go, <name>, and clear a path so that I might confront my father.'

Objective 2

  • Clear the path of wights

Clear a path through the wights for Lhucu.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Lhucu

Let Lhucu know that the path has been cleared below.

Lhuru: 'It is time, then, that I confronted my father and make him atone for his deeds. Thank you for all your help, <name>.'

Objective 4

Confront and defeat Trehéarn Brenin.

Lhucu says, "Father, come forth and face me!"
Lhucu says, "Father, you have fallen under the influence of an evil spirit, a Cuthraul of terrible might. How could you betray your people so?"
Trehéarn Brenin says, "Daughter, how dare you challenge me? Can you not see that we have the means at our disposal to finally retake what should have been ours?"
Trehéarn Brenin says, "Die, fool!"
Trehéarn Brenin says, "Curse you, <race>!"
Defeated Trehéarn Brenin
Mostun says, "How dare you destroy all that I have worked for? It was all mine!"

Objective 5

Banish the fell spirit Mostun from the mortal world.

Mostun says, "You have defeated me, but you could never destroy me. This has happened before and may well happen again."
The Huntsman says, "Mostun, you have wrought enough damage upon the people that dwell in this place..."
The Huntsman says, "While neither Man nor beast may harm you, it is within my power to do so. You will be banished from this place for the damage that you have wrought..."
Defeated Mostun
The Huntsman says, "Two peoples have been cursed due to your meddling, but no more. Lhucu daughter of Trehéarn, your people will remain free, provided you undo your father's work."
The Huntsman says, " Lhucu, lead <name> from this place. There are things that I and I alone must do here."

Objective 6

  • Talk to Lhucu

Speak with Lhucu.

Lhucu: 'The Wild Huntsman is revered by all of the clans, for he rules over the gwirod. His judgement is final and exacting.
'We should leave this place immediately.'

Objective 7

  • Withdraw through the main gate

Leave Lhan Gogledh as the Huntsman commanded.