Quest:Instance: His Father's Son

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Epilogue: The Wanderer's Confession
Level 128
Type Solo
Starts with Vágari the Wandererer
Starts at road N of Blomgard
Start Region Vales of Anduin
Map Ref [0.0N, 56.7W]
Ends with Vágari the Wandererer
Quest Chain The Black Book of Mordor: Epilogue
Quest Text


The shade that came to be called Vágari the Wanderer desires to confess to you the misdeeds of his past.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Vágari the Wanderer

Vágari the Wanderer desires to speak to you of his past misdeeds.

Never before had I known such despair.

Vágari: 'I remember little of the days and weeks that followed. I wandered in the wilderness, mad with grief for my wife and son, lamenting their doom; an eternity of pitiless unrest. I never came to the halls that awaited me; Belfalas was not to be mine, and I cared not. I dreamt my family called to me, their voices drawing me deeper into the wild lands. I know not where trod my feed; uncaring, I grew gaunt and hungry.'
'Somewhere in the wilderness, not far from the site of a past victory that was now wholly meaningless, I found a creature that was known to me, one of Nine. It was a Nazgul of Sauron, and I could not escape it. Do I say "could not?" That is not the right of it.'
'I did not try to escape. Aye, perhaps this Nazgul could give me the only escape I wanted. I welcomed the cold touch of death, and feared it not.'

Objective 2

  • Listen to the Vágari's account

Vágari the Wanderer desires to speak to you of his past misdeeds.

The Blade of Lebennin says, "Man of the West, whose sires once hallowed my Master."
The Blade of Lebennin says, "I offer thee the chance to redeem thyself."
The Blade of Lebennin says, "My Master is unhoused, but yet unbroken."
The Blade of Lebennin says, "If thou aidest him, if thou bringest him back to power..."
The Blade of Lebennin says, "...he can grant thee thy greatest desire."
Tárandil says, "You have come on a fool's errand, wraith."
Tárandil says, "I desire nothing in this world any longer. Only death."
The Blade of Lebennin says, "The Master can bestow that gift... but not only for thee."
The Blade of Lebennin says, "Lend him your aid, and he will give it to those you love as well."
Vágari the Wanderer says, "I knew the power of Sauron."
Vágari the Wanderer says, "Had it not taken the greatest kings of both Elves and Men to defeat him?"
Vágari the Wanderer says, "And even then the effort had taken both their lives."
Vágari the Wanderer says, "If any might have the power to end the suffering of Bravantel and Héol..."
Vágari the Wanderer says, "Might it be Sauron?"
The Blade of Lebennin says, "There is something else the Master can offer."
The Blade of Lebennin says, "Something to satisfy a yearning so encompassing you no longer take notice of it."
Tárandil says, "What yearning? For what?"
The Blade of Lebennin says, "Vengeance... against those who deserve it."
Tárandil says, "What does Sauron require?"
The Blade of Lebennin says, "The wretch who stole my Master's Ring must not be allowed to keep it."
The Blade of Lebennin says, "Kill him and bring it to Mordor, and death will be your reward."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Vágari the Wanderer
Vágari: 'And so, I became my father's son, after all.'
'By how many twisting paths had Adunzagar,son of Urizagar, come to this place? The name Tárandil no longer suited me, but I knew I needs must wear it a little longer if I was to fulfil my bargain with the Blade of Lebennin and his master.'
'I returned from the wilderness gaunt and haggard, but with new-found purpose. I returned to Minas Ithil just as my foster-father Isildur prepared to depart of Annuminas to claim his father Elendil's throne.'

They delighted to see me again, for they feared my death in the wilderness.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Vágari the Wanderer
Vágari: 'The falsehoods came more easily to me than they once did. I told Isildur and my brothers that I had been waylaid and wounded by Orcs on the road, left to die by one of their raiding parties. "That would have been the end," I said to them, "but for the Orodhoth, the Men of the Mountain. They rescued me and nursed me back to health; for that they have my gratitude. I tell you true, I would count their broken oaths repaired for this deed."'

Objective 5

  • Hear the words of Isildur as recounted by Vágari
Isildur: 'I am glad of their service to you, Tárandil, son-of-no-blood, but their betrayal remains beyond pardon. This treachery cannot now be redeemed; no matter how clear to me the subject of their aid.'
'But let us not dwell upon the oath-breakers! It brings me no happiness to speak of such faithless traitors, not on such a joyful occasion as this, your return from the wild, and from the dead!'
'I understand if you do not wish to take the western road again so soon. The change of heart that brought you hither to Minas Ithil is understandable, and if it is your wish I will not push for you to return to Belfalas. Come with us instead on the northern road, if you are hale and hearty enough for the journey.'

Objective 6

  • Listen to Vágari's account

Isildur says, "What say you, Tárandil?"
Tárandil says, "Aye, Father."
Tárandil says, "I will go with you on that road."

For every step of that journey I imagined many ways Isildur could die.
But I would need to escape with the Ring, and he was always surrounded by knights.
That was when I saw the Orcs.

Vágari the Wanderer says, "At dawn, I crept from the camp and slipped away."

Gurnákh: 'You are more reckless than others of your kind I have slain, but there is something else, too. A shadow lies upon you, deeper and darker than that on any Orc. Is that why you have given us the marching orders for your band, and suggested this plan of attack? It is more detailed than any Orkish plan of battle; a feint and a retreat, followed by a finishing attack when their guard is down. I like it.'
'I could kill you right now, foolish one. You have given us the perfect location to surprise your band, trapped between the marshes to the left and the forest to their right. What need to I still have for you?'
"Ah, I can name the reason you still live, and it is this only; my curiosity. I want to know why you do this.'

Gurnákh says, "Why betray your king?"
Tárandil says, "Because he deserves death."
Tárandil says, "I ask for only three things."
Tárandil says, "First, my life.:
Tárandil says, "Second, escape."
Gurnákh says, "And the third?"
Tárandil says, "His body.""

Objective 7

  • Talk to Gurnákh
Gurnákh: 'So be it. I will give you these three things for which you have asked. My Crow-feeders will get first crack at your marching men, but I will send word to the other rading-parties within range of us. Bloody Moon and Twisted Neck will want to be included, but my Crow-feeders deserve the greatest share of the treasure, and they will get it.'
'But I warn you, traitor. Cross me, and you will keep your life, but only so you will know torments the like of which you have never dreamed.'

Objective 8

  • Talk to Vágari the Wanderer
Vágari: 'I resolved to stay as near to Isildur as I could without arousing suspicion. When he fell beneath the blades of the Orcs, I needed to ensure I could take the Ring from his body before the Orcs seized it for themselves. A traitor sees treachery everywhere, and I did not trust Gurnákh.'
'One hour after meeting with the Crow-feeders, I was back at the camp with my sword sheathed at my side. No one had missed me. My treason remained a secret.'

Once again, the shade of Tárandil falls silent

Completed: Instance: His Father's Son