Quest:Instance: Hatred of Bear and Man

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Instance: Hatred of Bear and Man
Level 30
Type Solo
Starts with Langhár
Starts at Ost Guruth
Start Region Lone-lands
Map Ref [31.4S, 29.3W]
Class Beorning
Quest Chain Beorning
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Hatred of Bear and Man
"I fear that Ofolmóth is beyond rescuing. We must be prepared to deliver justice upon him!"


You have come with your sister Langhár to the southern bogs of the Lone-lands on a sad mission: to put an end to the evils done by your kinsman Ofolmóth.

Objective 1

You have come with Langhár to the southern bogs in search of Ofolmóth. She waits to speak with you before continuing to the ruins where your kinsman was seen.

Langhár: 'Ofolmóth was last seen among the ruins just ahead. Let us go forward with caution, my <kin>.'

Objective 2

  • Fight alongside Langhár as you make your way to the ruins

You have come with Langhár to the southern bogs in search of Ofolmóth. Follow her as she makes her way to the ruins up ahead.

Langhár says, "All right, <name>. Let us find our kinsman and end this."
Langhár says, "Hold, <name>."
Langhár says, "There are more here than just bog-lurkers, but what?"
Langhár says, "Dwarves! They attack us!"
Langhár says, "Who are these dwarves, and why did they attack us?"
Langhár says, "Just a little further now."
Langhár says, "Ofolmóth!"
Ofolmóth says, "Langhár. <name>. Have you come to join me?"

Objective 3

You have found Ofolmóth, and he wonders if you have come to join him.

Ofolmóth: 'Your expression gives me your answer, <name>. I thought as much. It was a vain hope that you would cherish the memory of your people and the blood of Beorn. Instead you side with those unworthy of you.
'I though I could make you strong, <name>. I failed in that, and I am sorry.'

Objective 4

  • Survive your encounter with Ofolmóth

You have found Ofolmóth, but he is no longer your kin. He is now your enemy.

Ofolmóth says, "You were my kin. Leave this place and I will not harm you."
Langhár says, "We cannot do that, Ofolmóth."
Langhár says, "You have slain innocent folk!"
Ofolmóth says, "We are of Beorn's line. The laws of Men cannot bind us."
Langhár says, "Beorn would not allow this! Grimbeorn himself disavows you!"
Ofolmóth says, "Then it is as I thought: he has grown weak in his old age."
Ofolmóth says, "We are stronger than the other peoples. They live at our say-so."
Langhár says, "Who has given you these ideas, Ofolmóth?"
Ofolmóth says, "These ideas are my own. They come from within!"
Ofolmóth says, "Strength seeks strength. I have sought out worthy allies."
Langhár says, "Dwarves?"
Ofolmóth says, "Beorn aided the dwarves of Thorin's company, though they were beneath him."
Ofolmóth says, "The dwarves I have met wield more power than that sad lot."
Skorgrím Dourhand says, "Hmmm..."
Skorgrím Dourhand says, "I choose my allies well, and reward those I choose doubly-so."
Skorgrím Dourhand says, "In his heart Ofolmóth holds the hatred of both bear and Man."
Skorgrím Dourhand says, "The flame of those hatreds burns brightly, and it makes him strong."
Skorgrím Dourhand says, "Strong enough to slay your kin?"
Ofolmóth says, "Yes."
Skorgrím Dourhand says, "Then I will leave you to complete your task with a few of my warriors."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Langhár in the ruins

Ofolmóth has told you his intentions. He will not abide by the laws of Men.

Langhár: 'Are you ready, <name>? Ofolmóth will not come with us, but we cannot let him go, for he is a danger to the innocent folk of Middle-earth. I do not know much about these dwarves, but I can tell that this Skorgrim corrupts any who come into contact with him!
'I will handle Ofolmóth if you can deal with these dwarves, my <kin>!'

Objective 6

  • Defeat Skorgrim's dwarves while your sister keeps Ofolmóth's attention.

Ofólmoth will not stand down. He and his dwarven allies must be defeated!

Langhár says, "You are unworthy of our line, Ofolmóth!"
Langhár's battle goes ill!
Langhár says, "Aaaaah!"
Ofolmóth says, "You see? You are weak, Langhár, and you have paid for that weakness!"
Ofolmóth says, "You will join her in death, <name>!"

Objective 7

  • Defeat Ofolmóth for his crimes against innocent folk

Ofolmóth has grievously injured Langhár, and must be defeated.

Defeated Ofolmóth

Objective 8

  • Talk to Langhár in the ruins

Langhár has been grievously injured, but she is alive.

Langhár: 'I know what we came here to do, but even so I found myself not wanting to hurt Ofolmóth. He felt no such restriction, and his claws cut deep.'
Langhár winces at the pain of her injury.
'I do not know much about Skorgrim, but what little I have learned is troubling. It is clear to me that he swayed our former kinsman in some way, preying upon his sensibilities.
'We have done as Grimbeorn asked, and ended the threat Ofolmóth posed to innocent folk. That must be enough for today. Perhaps tomorrow we will do something about Skorgrim Dourhand, for his danger remains.
'Let us return to Ost Guruth. I am hurt, but I can walk.'