Quest:Instance: Grimslade Will Burn

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Instance: Grimslade Will Burn
Level 94
Type Solo
Starts with Hildith
Starts at Grimslade Mead Hall
Start Region Westfold
Map Ref [63.2S, 82.5W]
Ends with Hildith
Ends at Grimslade
End Region Westfold
Map Ref [62.2S, 82.0W]
Quest Group Grimslade
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

The half-orc prisoner, terrified of burning along with Grimslade, has disclosed a planned attack by the servants of Saruman.


Grimslade must be saved from the Half-orcs bringing fire.

Objective 1

Hildith is in the jail of Grimslade.

You should speak with Hildith.

Hildith: 'Do we let the prisoner go free to keep his word, and call off the attack? Or do we hold him here, punish him, fight, and if we die, let him die with us?'

Objective 2

  • Listen to Hildith's decision

Hildith is in the jail of Grimslade.

Dunward says, "I ask your permission to advise here, my lady."
Hildith says, "You may speak freely, Dunward. How else can I hope to make amends for my earlier words?"
Dunward says, "This prisoner is nothing to us in a jail cell."
Dunward says, "If he can stop the attack, we should let him try."
Hildith says, "I agree. Prisoner, you are free to go -- on the condition that you keep your word."
Hildith says, "Oathbreakers are not favoured in life. Your punishment would be beyond anything we could inflict."
Prisoner says, "On my honour, I'll see that the attack is stopped."
Prisoner says, "My boys will leave this forest, I swear it on my life!"

Objective 3

  • Speak with Hildith

Hildith is in the jail of Grimslade.

You should speak with Hildith.

Hildith: 'Let us convene at the gate. I want to see to his safe departure myself.'
Hildith says, "Guards, free this man at once, and bring him to the gate."
Guard says, "At once, my lady."

Objective 4

  • Follow Hildith

Hildith has gone to the front gate of Grimslade.

You should speak with Hildith.

Hildith: 'I like not that Grimslade's fate hangs by the honour of a half-orc's oath....'

Objective 5

  • Assist Hildith at the front gate

Hildith is at the front gate of Grimslade.

Hildith says, "Go, half-orc. You are free! Call off your soldiers and fire, and go where you will."
Prisoner says, "Thank you! I swear I will repay your kindness."

Objective 6

  • Speak with Hildith once more

Hildith is at the front gate of Grimslade.

Hildith: 'And now we wait, I suppose....
'We have bolstered our defences somewhat, in case our friend decides not to keep his word. I cannot bring myself to go back inside just yet, and I'll feel much safer if you remain here with us, <name>.'

Objective 7

  • Wait alongside Hildith and the guards of Grimslade

Hildith is at the front gate of Grimslade.

Hildith says, "This waiting is most unnerving...."
Hildith says, "I find myself reflecting upon my regrets."
Dunward says, "Do not let your mind dwell there long, Lady Hildith."
Dunward says, "I have served your husband and his father before him as counsellor in Grimslade."
Dunward says, "Never has Grimslade faced such dire times. Never has Rohan been so threatened."
Dunward says, "You are leading as Grimbold would, brave and just."
Dunward says, "Perhaps your words were once too harsh, but you are a worthy Thane now."
Hildith says, "It may be so, Dunward, but I cannot take back my last words to my husband."
Hildith says, "If he lives, he is abandoned and alone. It is my fault."
Hildith says, "No!"

Objective 8

  • Defend Grimslade

Grimslade is being attacked! Defend the city gate....

Objective 9

The half-orc who was moments ago a prisoner of Grimslade now stands before the gates of town.

You should speak with the prisoner.

Dour Hal: 'Such a soft, foolish, trusting lot can have no place in the new Rohan -- a Rohan governed by Saruman the Wise!'

Objective 10

  • Stand your ground to defend Grimslade

The half-orc who was moments ago a prisoner of Grimslade now stands before the gates of town.

Dour Hal says, "We will slaughter the weak like lambs, and burn their homes to ashes!"
Hildith says, "I do not regret my mercy, nor my hope that you would be true to your word."
Hildith says, "You will be haunted forever by your broken oath, half-orc."
Dour Hal says, "Are you ready, boys? Kill them!"
Dour Hal says, "I said, kill them!"
Dour Hal says, "Gaah!"
Hildith says, "What in the world...?"
Elfhelm says, "We were on our way to Edoras as Gandalf bid, and we heard a commotion. I hoped we were not too late!"
Hildith says, "We...we lost four good men, and we would have soon been overrun...."
Elfhelm says, "I have wronged your husband, lady Hildith, but I hope this rights things between myself and Grimbold."
Hildith says, "His wife has wounded him worst of all, I fear."
Hildith says, "I cursed him for leaving me on the eve of battle...and told him I never wanted to lay eyes on him again."

Objective 11

Elfhelm is with Hildith at the gate of Grimslade.

Elfhelm: 'I see. It would seem we have all abandoned him....
'Erkenbrand's host torn asunder by the Uruks, Prince Théodred's death in his arms....
'His home closed to him, his soldiers dead....
'And I, his fellow, leaving him alone where he stood.'
Elfhelm's face is grave as he meets Hildith's eyes. 'I must take my leave, my lady, for Gandalf bade me to protect Edoras for the King.'
Hildith: 'My poor husband. What have I done?!'
Hildith sighs deeply as she turns to Elfhelm.
'Good luck to you, Elfhelm. I will not forget what you have done for us this day. If I ever see Grimbold again, I will tell him of how your valour saved us all.'