Quest:Instance: Glimmerdeep -- Solo/Duo

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Instance: Glimmerdeep -- Solo/Duo
Level Scaling
Type Solo/Duo
Repeatable yes
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Remnants of the Grey Realm
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"An Orkish faction now occupies much of Glimmerdeep, pillaging its wealth for who knows what master and standing in the path of the Zhélruka resettlement of their ancient lands."


The Orkish mining forces from Gundabad have made a pact with the Herald of Winter, and now occupy much of the Glimmerdeep.

Objective 1

Find and defeat Thruglok, the mining overseer.

The old mine cart ahead could be useful.

These levers control the direction the mine cart can move.

Orc Miner says, Gast will be angry.
Hobgoblin Driver says, I've failed!
Goblin Worker says, Thruglok will get you!'

The only way forward is this recently repaired, rickety bridge

The chasm has been safely traversed

Goblin Worker says, Intruder!

Goblin Worker says, Let me get back to work!

Now where was that mine cart again?

This lever is missing a part!

Shouting can be heard on the scaffolding ahead!

Goblin Worker says, Intruder!

Thruglok says, These mines aren't yours, <race>.

I was paid well to keep it that way.
This will be quick.
I am Thruglok, the deathless! You can't win!
I've survived cave-ins, and avalanches!
Try and stop me!
I've fought in the pit of nameless things!
You are but just another notch for me!
The Herald gave this mine to Gundabad! It is not yours!
The Herald gives Gundabad wealth and power!
Feel my might!
Come, work for Gundabad!
Your mighty blow defeated the Pale-folk Worker.

Thruglok says,Gast will have my head for this.

Your mighty blow defeated Thruglok.

Objective 2

  • Find and defeat Gast Nûl, the leaders of the mine

Find and defeat Gast Nûl, the chiefs of the Gundubad mining operation.

Troll Heaver says, Keep out!

Troll Heaver says, Kill the intruder!

Orc Sentry says, Gast will have your head!

Orc Miner says, For Gundabad!

The leader from Gundabad is nowhere to be found.

There must be a way to attract some attention.

Orc Miner says, Nûl will be angry.

The mine cart activated the gears and the whole structure started to shake.

The scaffolding shakes more violently!

Over the noise of gears and creaking platforms, a bellowing comes from the old spider caverns!

Gast - Nûl says, Now what's the meaning of this?!

Look, Nûl; we got company!
I see them, Gast!
We are Gast Nûl, and nothing defeats us!
You filthy insect!

Gast says, I'll handle this, Nûl.

I'll smash you!
Stop them!

Nûl says, Gast, you fool, I'll take over from here!

Now that didn't work, did it?
Quit playing around!
The Herald gives us hope!

Gast - Nûl says, Nûl, we must work together if we are to kill these pests!

Time to finish you!
We'll crush you to dust!
What is this?!

Your mighty blow defeated the Gast - Nûl.

Defeated Gast and Nûl!