Quest:Instance: Fire Beneath the Shadow

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Instance: Fire Beneath the Shadow
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Mithrandir
Starts at The Cross-roads (After-battle)
Start Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [63.5S, 4.9W]
Ends at Imlad Morgul
End Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [64.3S, 3.2W]
Quest Group Osgiliath (After Battle)
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"To protect the Host of the West, I have taken it upon myself to lead Aragorn and his trusted friend into the Morgul Vale."


Angbor has spoken to Aragorn and Mithrandir about an important matter concerning the Morgul Vale.

Objective 1

'Our destination lies further ahead, <name>, but I ask that you take a moment to hear my counsel.
'The flowers that line the road have fallen to some corruption, prey for some dark force. I suggest that we burn these evil blooms in order to prevent their spread beyond the vale into Ithilien and Gondor.'

Objective 2

  • Set fire to noisome flowers (0/6)
Mithrandir says, "Burn these noisome blooms so their evil cannot spread to the others!"
Mithrandir says, "Do not give in to fear!"
Mithrandir says, "These foes will not long stand before us!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Mithrandir
'The smoke of their burning is foul, <name>, but it will pose less harm than leaving those evil blooms would have done. Let us press forward!'
  • Follow Mithrandir
Aragorn says, "The very air of this place is foul, Mithrandir. Are you certain we should come here?"
Mithrandir says, "Come with me, <name>. Aragorn, we will meet you at the bridge."
Mithrandir says, "Not far now, my friend."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Mithrandir
'That is the city of Minas Morgul. Once it was Minas Ithil, the Tower of the Moon, but no longer. Do you see the arched structure that crosses the river to the east? That is the bridge we must destroy if we are to keep the foes from the Morgul Vale from crossing into Ithilien.

Let us rejoin Aragorn, <name>.'

Objective 5

  • Let Mithrandir execute his plan
Mithrandir says, "These lands once belonged to Gondor, but the corruption of Mordor has befouled them."
Mithrandir says, "Stand back. This task is mine to undertake."
Mithrandir says, "It is done."

Objective 6

'We must not tarry here. That dark citadel was once Minas Ithil, the Tower of the Moon, but it has not been called by that name for a terrible span of years. It is the fortress of the Nazgûl now, and none dare go that way.
'Thanks to the power and wisdom of Mithrandir, our work this day will make it more difficult for our foes to assail Gondor by this road, and that is a work done well.'
'Let us return, my friend. We have done what we could, and should tarry no longer.'