Quest:Instance: Fate of the North

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Instance: Fate of the North
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Agátur
Starts at Misthallow
Start Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [28.6N, 56.9W]
Quest Group Wells of Langflood
Reflecting Pool Wells of Langflood Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The dwarves Rúzat, Agátur, and Náth take the pass from Misthallow to Ered Mithrin, unaware of what waits for them."


Grimbeorn seeks word of the situation in the Wells of Langflood.

Objective 1

Talk to Rúzat.

Rúzat: 'I am ready. Let us continue on the path to Ered Mithrin.'

Objective 2

  • Journey to Ered Mithrin with the dwarves.

Journey to Ered Mithrin with the dwarves.

Rúzat says, "Not much further now, my friends."
Náth says, "Yes, I know how far it is, Rúzat."
Agátur the Boastful says, "Hold for a moment."
Rúzat says, "Ah, another break! Great idea Agátur!"
Agátur the Boastful says, "No, I hear something."
Gúrbarash says, "Har, har! What filth stands before us!"
Gúrbarash says, "I don't know what mission you was sent on."
Gúrbarash says, "'All I know is that I control this pass now."
Gúrbarash says, "And you aren't making it out of here alive!"
Agátur the Boastful says, "Now then, I see more of us than of you. You are outnumbered, Gúrbarash!"
Rákhrum says, "Gúrbarash, we are here to serve! Let us defeat these filth together!"
Gúrbaras says, "Now then, dwarf, what did you say about being outnumbered?"
Skarding Wargsbane says, "Rwar!"
Agátur the Boastful says, "Oh, ho! Now that was an entrance!"
Agátur the Boastful says, "Let us fight!"
Agátur the Boastful says, "Baruk Khazâd!"
Skarding Wargsbane says, "Grr!"
Skarding Wargsbane says, "Rwar!"
Completed: Instance: Fate of the North
Rúzat: 'I am grateful that you decided to accompany us!
'Now then, let us make for Skarháld. I do not think I would fare well in any further ...'