Quest:Instance: Faltharan's Confrontation

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Instance: Faltharan's Confrontation
Level 100
Type Solo
Ends with Faltharan
Ends at Pelargir
End Region Pelargir
Map Ref [82.7S, 32.6W]
Quest Group Pelargir
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"You have tracked down where the traitor Lorvegil is located, and are ready to bring him to justice."


You have discovered the location of the traitor Lorvegil, and must help Faltharan bring him to justice.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Faltharan

Faltharan can be located at the stairs near the east gate.

You should speak with Faltharan.

Faltharan: 'The information you provided suggests that this is where we will find my brother. I shan't take joy in facing him, but will rest better knowing that justice was served this day.
'Here is where our search ends, but tread lightly. He has fallen in with an unsavoury sort, and is undoubtedly using them for protection until the coast is clear.'
Faltharan says, "Be careful, these streets are still home to city's vile underbelly."
Faltharan says, "I only hope that we find Lorvegil, and put an end to this ordeal."

Objective 2

  • Aid Faltharan as he confronts Lorvegil
  • Faltharan must not be defeated

Faltharan can be located at the stairs near the east gate.

You should aid Faltharan as he attempts to confront Lorvegil.

City Enforcer says, "We got company, boys!"
Faltharan says, "Ah, that was quite the challenge!"
Faltharan says, "These fools will not keep me from serving justice in my own city!"
Faltharan says, "There he stands..."
Faltharan shouts, "Lorvegil, I only want to know why. Was there anything to gain from a betrayal like this?"
Lorvegil says, "It doesn't matter. In any case, you should be grateful that father is nowhere to be found, leaving behind this hollow shell of a city to his prized son."
Aided Faltharan

Objective 3

  • Confront Lorvegil
  • Faltharan must not be defeated

Lorvegil can be found to the west of the eastern gate.

Speak with Lorvegil in order to confront him about his crimes.

Lorvegil: 'I do not intend to be put up on display for the whole city to marvel at how the great Faltharan overcame a personal struggle and brought his little brother to justice. I would sooner perish!
'Defend yourself, for you crossed the wrong person!'
Lorvegil says, "Curse this city, and curse you!"
Lorvegil says, "What useless crooks!"
Confronted Lorvegil
Lorvegil says, "Just kill me, and be done"
Faltharan says, "I think not. A swift death would be far more than you deserve, Lorvegil."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Faltharan
  • Faltharan must not be defeated

Faltharan can be found to the west of the eastern gate.

You should speak with Faltharan.

Faltharan: 'It is done.
'He may deserve death for what he did, but I will not stand in judgement of him, so long as our father remains missing. I am no longer an impartial subject with this matter.
'We shall take him back with us, and I would have him rot in private with all the time to consider his treachery. Maybe the true Lord of Pelargir will return to stand in judgement...
'I thank you, <name>, for helping me to close this dark chapter.'
Talked to Faltharan
Completed:Instance: Faltharan's Confrontation
Faltharan: 'Let us make our way back to Tol Ciryarani.'