Quest:Instance: Echoes of the Dead

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Instance: Echoes of the Dead
Level 65
Type Fellowship
Starts with Radanir
Starts at Nan Laeglin
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.4S, 16.2W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 3
Reflecting Pool Enedwaith Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Echoes of the Dead
"We have come to walk the Forsaken Road, where a group of Oath-breakers sought to escape their curse. Is it possible that Aragorn might compel them to fulfil their oath? We seek to learn if it is so."


You have come to walk the Forsaken Road beneath the Lich Bluffs, where it is said a number of Oath-breakers from the time of Isildur still dwell, suffering from their curse.

Objective 1

Radanir stands within the Forsaken Road, wishing to speak with you about the grim place.

Radanir: 'This is an evil place, <name>, and the dread of it lies like a cloud upon my limbs! And so cold...I should think I would never be warm again.
'This is a place of the Dead, kept by them throughout the long years. Will they rally to Aragorn's cause? We must learn if it be so.'

Objective 2

You have not ventured far along the Forsaken Road and have already encountered one of the Oath-breakers cursed by Isildur.

Radanir says, "Stay alert. We do not know what we will find along the Forsaken Road."
Radanir says, "The Men we seek must labour still under Isildur's curse."
Radanir says, "What ceaseless toil their cowardice has given them!"
Radanir says, "Hold. There is a presence here...."
Radanir says, "Show yourself!"
Cursed Maonir: 'Who dares disturb this place? Who dares venture where only the Dead may walk?
'The living may not pass. This road is not for you. Turn back! Turn back while you still have the power to do so!'
  • Stay your guard
Cursed Maonir says, "Only the Dead may walk this Forsaken Road."
Cursed Maonir says, "Come, my brothers, come see these wayward children."
Cursed Maonir says, "Who dares disturb the restless Dead?
Halbarad says, "I dare!"
Cursed Maonir says, "And what is that to us? Why should the Dead care who you are?"
Halbarad says, "Why? Because my chieftain is the heir of him to whom you took your oath."
Cursed Maonir says, "No!"

Objective 3

Halbarad has confronted Maonir along the Forsaken Road.

Halbarad: 'Stay on your guard, <name>. These Men are without honour. We are here to listen to their words, but we must remain cautious.'
  • Remain vigilant and stand against Maonir if necessary. Halbarad must not be defeated.
Halbarad says, "Do you acknowledge the right of Isildur's Heir to hold you to your oath?"
Cursed Maonir says, "You have not been judged worthy of speaking, weak child."
Cursed Maonir says, "If you can defeat me, perhaps Britou will listen to your claim!"
Halbarad says, "Is everyone all right?"
Halbarad says, "You see now our strength. We are not to be trifled with, Maonir."
Cursed Maonir says, "Ha ha ha! You cannot defeat me!"
Halbarad says, "Have you had enough, Maonir?"
Halbarad says, "Your honour is gone, and only my chieftain can return it to you!"
Cursed Maonir says, "That remains to be seen, warm-blood!"
Halbarad says, "The Dúnedain and their allies will not be cowed by the likes of you, Oath-breaker!"
Cursed Maonir says, "I desist, Dúnadan. For now."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Maonir

Maonir has given in, at last, and seems to wish to speak with you.

Cursed Maonir: 'You fight passing well, for a child. Britou will want to speak with you. Britou always wants to speak with those who brave this road. Keep the chasm on your right, and you will find him.'
Cursed Maonir says, "Keep the chasm on your right, and you will find Britou."
Cursed Maonir says, "Come, my brothers. It is not our time."

Objective 5

Maonir told you that Britou wants to talk with you, and that you could find him by keeping the chasm on your right.

Halbarad: 'We will explore this side of the chasm, <name>. You must go on ahead and search the other side of the great rift in the earth for Britou, he of whom Maonir spoke.'
Radanir: 'We will stay here, but you should find Britou on the other side of the chasm. We must learn what we may along the Forsaken Road and cover as much ground as we can.'
Cursed Britou: 'It was unwise of you to come here, warm-bloods. This place belongs to the Dead Who Do Not Rest, and all your kind who stray here perish.'
Cursed Britou says, "All who stray here belong to the Dead."
Candaith says, "You came to this place to escape your curse, Britou, and you brought these Men with you."
Candaith says, "But there was no escape, and you will never know the peace of death until you fulfil your oath."
Cursed Britou says, "I will consider what you have to say."

Objective 6

Candaith is in the depths of the Forsaken Road, confronting the Oath-breaker Britou.

Candaith: 'This seems to me a good sign, <name>! If the Oath-breakers will fulfil their oath to Isildur, we will command an army the like of which has never been seen in Middle-earth. Surely victory will not be far behind!'
  • Defend Candaith from the Oath-breakers. He must not be defeated.
Cursed Britou says, "Yes, I will consider it, but only if you can stand against the Dead!"
Candaith says, "Witness the strength of the Dúnedain and their allies."
Cursed Britou says, "Yes. I am filled with the fear of you. Perhaps these others will do."
Candaith says, "Britou, enough of this. We need prove nothing to you."
Cursed Britou says, "I DO!"
Candaith says, "We did not come here to entertain your careless whims, Oath-breaker!"
Cursed Britou says, "And yet you do so most admirably! Come, my kin! Slay them!"
Candaith says, "End this, Britou! I command you to end this!"
Candaith says, "I need not listen to your commands, warm-blood!"
Candaith says, "HOLD!"
Candaith says, "I have the authority to command you and all your kind, Britou!"
Candaith says, "For I...I am the Heir of Isildur!"
Cursed Britou says, "What evidence do you have that this be so?"
Candaith says, "Only this: the Ring of Barahir, heirloom of Isildur's line!"
Cursed Britou says, "I see. We will fulfil our oath at last, that the Heir may lift the curse. Tell your Men."
Cursed Britou says, "But that is not the Ring of Barahir, and you are not the Heir of Isildur."
You are betrayed! You must escape the Forsaken Road

Objective 7

  • Run back through the Forsaken Road and talk to Radanir to escape!

You have been betrayed. you must escape from the Forsaken Road.

Cursed Britou says, "Now you die!"
Cursed Britou says, "You can never defeat me! That is my labour and my curse!"
Cursed Britou says, "My hunger for death is not satisfied!"
Cursed Britou says, "You can never defeat me! That is my labour and my curse!"
Cursed Britou says, "Again!"
Ranger says, "We have to get out of here! Aaaah!"
Cursed Oath-breaker says, "Pain and suffering be yours!"
Cursed Oath-breaker says, "The Dead shall have you!"
Cursed Oath-breaker says, "Die, foolish one!"
Radanir: 'What has happened? All of a sudden, the Oath-breakers fell upon us, and we have only driven them off for the moment! We have to get out of here!'
Radanir says, "Where is Candaith? I have not seen him yet!"
Radanir says, "Stop! We have to wait for Candaith! He has not yet come this way!"
Radanir: 'You are correct...we must get out of here! Hurry, before it is too late for us!'