Quest:Instance: Defence of Scylfig

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Instance: Defence of Scylfig
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Thrymm Red-beard
Starts at Scylfig
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [33.4S, 59.7W]
Ends with Cyneberg
Ends at Scylfig
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [33.4S, 59.7W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: Writhendowns
Quest Text


The attack the people of Scylfig feared is now upon the town. Villagers throughout Scylfig need protection from the White Hand, but ultimately, the Mead Hall must not be breached. Therein are the women and children of the town.

Objective 1

The White Hand have already penetrated the perimeter of Scylfig and are attacking. Speak with Thrymm to find out the plan to defend Scylfig.

Thrymm Red-beard: '<name>, we must hurry! The Orcs have penetrated the wall and are now attacking villagers. Follow me up the northern stables!'

Objective 2

  • Follow Thrymm to the northern stables

Thrymm has asked you to assist him at the northern stables.

Thrymm Red-beard says, "Hurry up, <name>, follow me!"
Help Thrymm fend off the White Hand attackers!

Objective 3

  • Fend off the White Hand attackers near the northern stables (0/3)

Help Thrymm fend off the White Hand attackers at the northern stables.

Fended off a White Hand attacker (3/3)

Objective 4

  • Speak with Thrymm at the northern stables

The northern stables have been secured. Speak with Thrymm to find out where to head next.

Thrymm Red-beard: 'Good work so far, <name>. Our work is far from done though. Let's head to the centre of town to cut off the Orcs before they head towards the Mead Hall.'

Objective 5

  • Follow Thrymm to the centre of town

Follow Thrymm to the centre of Scylfig to defend against the White Hand attackers.

Thrymm Red-beard says, "Something is happening. Do you feel the ground rumble? There is a terrible chill in the air."
Thrymm Red-beard says, "I'll move on and take care of the Orcs near the southern stables. Talk with Grimgar and see how he's holding up."
Grimgar and his brother, Humbald seem to have this area of Scylfig well defended.

Objective 5

Gárwig's grandson, Grimgar, has been holding his own along with his brother, Humbald in the centre of town. Speak with him.

Grimgar: 'My brother and I have this area well defended. We will not allow anything to get past us. Wait ... do you hear that sound? What is that? The gate, the sound is coming from the front gate!'

Objective 6

  • Assist Thrymm in defeating any remaining Orcs in the centre of Scylfig

A giant has breached the gate to Scylfig and is charging forth into the centre of town.

Grimgar says, "Something is breaching the gate! Humbald, let's stop it!"
Grimgar says, "We won't allow this beast to get past us!"
Núrzum says, "I am Núrzum!"
The giant was able to easily and swiftly dispatch Grimgar and Humbald.

Objective 7

  • Speak with Thrymm in the centre of Scylfig

The southern stables have been secured, but the giant Núrzum has breached the gate. Speak with Thrymm to find out what to do next.

Thrymm Red-beard: 'This is not good. Grimgar and Humb ald were defeated rather soundly by the giant. We must not let their defeat be in vain. You and I need to go protect the Mead Hall at once!'

Objective 8

  • Follow Thrymm to the Mead Hall

Follow Thrymm up towards the Mead Hall to make sure nothing gets past.

Thrymm Red-beard says, "<name>, we'll head up to the Mead Hall to protect it!"

Objective 9

  • Help Thrymm fend off the White Hand attackers along the path leading to the Mead Hall (0/3)

Help Thrymm fend off the White Hand attackers.

Fended off a White Hand attacker (3/3)

Objective 11

  • Speak with Thrymm on the road leading up to the Mead Hall

Grimgar and Humbald met an unfortunate fate while dealing with Núrzum. Speak with Thrymm to find out the next course of action.

Thrymm Red-beard: '<name>, we must protect the Mead Hall at all costs! Come with me!'

Objective 12

  • Stand beside Thrymm and guard the Mead Hall

Garsig and Cynegar are now trying to head Núrzum off at the road before he gets to the Mead Hall.

Thrymm Red-beard says, "This is it, we are the last line of defence, <name>! Cynegar and Garsig will attempt to stop the giant. We must defend the Mead Hall with our lives!"
Cynegar says, "I will not stand for this! I will handle this myself. This creature will have to take my life to get past me!"
Cyneberg says', "Father, no! Don't do this!"
Cyneberg says', "My love, you can't let him do this! We need to stop him!"
Thrymm Red-beard says, "Love, there is nothing we can do. He has sworn to protect his people with his life. We must stay here and guard the women and children within the Mead Hall."
Cyneberg says, "Nooo! Father!"
The giant Núrzum once again demonstrates his dominance by defeating Garsig and Cynegar easily.

Objective 13

  • Stand beside Thrymm and guard the Mead Hall

The giant, Núrzum has breached the gate and is now heading towards the Mead Hall. It needs to be defended at all costs.

Objective 14

  • Speak with Thrymm at the Mead Hall

Cynegar and Garsig were the latest to perish at the hands of Núrzum.

Thrymm Red-beard: '<name>, whatever happens, you and Cyneberg must protect the Mead Hall.
'Your assistance has proven valuable. Myself and all of Scylfig are thankful for your efforts.
'I must do this myself. You and Cyneberg must not intervene.'

Objective 15

The giant, Núrzum charges forth towards the Mead Hall and is met there by Thrymm Red-beard. Observe the battle between the two warriors and ensure that no one gets into the Mead Hall.

Thrymm Red-beard says, "My dear Cyneberg, I love you with all my heart. This is something I must do. Please stay with the Mead Hall. These people need you."
Cyneberg says, "Thrymm, I can't lose you too..."
Thrymm Red-beard says, "Cyneberg, I love you."
Núrzum says, "I've done what I came for."
Cyneberg says, "Thrymm! Nooo... what have you done to him?"

Objective 16

  • Speak with Cyneberg

After defeating Thrymm, Núrzum turns and departs Scylfig. The women and children inside the Mead Hall appear to be safe.

The giant Núrzum has tossed Thrymm quite a distance and it is unlikely that he survived the fall. Pleased with his work, the giant Núrzum departs Scylfig.

Cyneberg: 'I don't kow what I'll do without them ...'
' We've experienced much grief today, <name>.'