Quest:Instance: By Secret Steps

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By Secret Steps
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Mincham
Starts at Camp of the Host
Start Region The Wastes
Map Ref [36.6S, 6.3W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 7
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

By Secret Steps
"I will not lead the Host of the West into Dagorlad without knowing what awaits us. I have sent trustworthy friends to scout before us on the battle-plain."


You have crossed the noxious plains of Dagorlad with the Rangers Faeron and Mincham, scouting the lands through which Aragorn's host must pass.

Objective 1

Mincham is ahead of you on the rocky slope.

Mincham: 'We have picked our way across the tumbled stones and parched dust of Dagorlad, but all we have found is an inhospitable land. None live here, for what man could? The Orcs keep watch on this place, for it lies on the border of their master's fell country.
'Faeron has gone ahead to see what lies beyond the ridge. When he returns, we will turn back and tell Aragorn what we have seen: a dead land, watched by his enemies, through which we must pass nonetheless.

Objective 2

Mincham is ahead of you on the rocky slope.

Mincham says, "The Fields of Fornost are so far away now, but this place brings them back to my mind."
Mincham says, "Ah, Faeron returns."
Faeron says, "Mincham, <name>, we don't have much time!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Faeron on the rocky slope

Faeron has returned from scouting the ridge.

Faeron: 'From the top of the ridge I could see a good distance, and I marked the movement of many Orcs crawling hither and yon across the plain. But near at hand, a great tower rises from the rocks and spies the approach. I know the place from Aragorn's maps: it is Narchost, one of the Towers of the Teeth.
'As I watched, a door in the tower opened and a great patrol of Orcs marched out on some mission. They made for Mordor, but if we hurry we might be able to enter the tower before they return. We might learn something of value for Aragorn, but we must seize this chance while we have it!
'Once the Orcs return the opportunity will be lost! Hurry!'

Objective 4

Eager to learn the Enemy's secrets to help Aragorn and the Host of the West, Faeron wants to enter Narchost.

Faeron says, "Quickly, this way! Before the Orc patrol returns!"
Mincham says, "Faeron, wait!"
Mincham says, "This cannot possibly be a good idea!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Faeron inside Narchost

You have entered Narchost and do not have long before the Orc patrol returns.

Faeron: 'I would not have been able to forgive myself if we let this chance pass untaken, <name>, but now that we are inside my resolve wavers. Let us learn what we can and then depart!
'If there are any secrets to be found that will be of value to Aragorn, they will be on the upper levels of the tower. We must make our way upwards, but do not be seen by any of the guards that still lurk within! It is important that our passage remains unnoticed!
'Mincham and I will follow in the shadows. You must find a way to reach the upper levels of the tower without being seen! Do not approach the guards or we will all be imperiled!

Objective 6

  • Make your way to the upper levels of Narchost
  • Do not be seen by any of your foes!

You have entered Narchost and do not have long before the Orc patrol returns.

Faeron says, "If only there was a way to draw the guards out of our path without being seen!"
Zimar says, "Where do you think they'll bring that Khundolar captain?"
Shrakúr says, "Ayorzén the Wily?"
Shrakúr says, "I don't know. I don't care."
Shrakúr says, "Better him than one of us, I say."
Zimar says, "You're right about that! Better him than us."
The herbs burn with a terrible smell
Zimar says, "What is that smell? Do you smell that?"
Shrakúr says, "I'm starving!"
Zimar says, "What are they cooking on here? Smells delicious!"
Ufgast says, "Is someone there?"
Ufgast says, "Shrakúr? Zimar? Is that you?"
Ufgast says, "Guess it was nothing."
The smell of the burning herbs is most foul
Ufgast says, "Something smells delicious! What is that?"
Ufgast says, "Is this a joke? Did you do this, Shrakúr?"
Ufgast says, "It better not be that damned Silent One. He sets my skin a-crawl."
An acrid stench fills the air, offending your senses
The Rangers move quickly, eager to be done with this evil place

Objective 7

  • Talk to Mincham inside Narchost

You have entered Narchost and do not have long before the Orc patrol returns.

Faeron says, "Did you hear that? Voices ahead!"
Mincham says, "Hold, friends! And keep silent!"
Mincham: 'I hear foul mutterings ahead, <name>, and know them for what they must be: the vile Black Speech used by the creatures of Mordor. It is a language I have learned to understand, though the study pained my ears and my heart both.
'Let us move closer and I will try to translate the words for you and Faeron. Remain still out of sight! We must not be noticed, or I fear we will not leave this tower alive!'

Objective 8

  • Eavesdrop on the conversation without being seen

You have entered Narchost and do not have long before the Orc patrol returns.

Fulak says, "Mol danghub Arzán Zûr?"
Mincham says, "What will be done with Ayorzén the Wily?"
Khôgath the Render says, "Budguzat-tab fikarz."
Mincham says, "His title was poorly chosen."
Khôgath the Render says, "Narzúr-thlûk uglat shakh-vogál!"
Mincham says, "He was not wily enough to outwit the upstart king!"
Fulak says, "Khláruz hasugum bûth-nagûl."
Mincham says, "I heard him begging for another chance.
Khôgath the Render says, "Narbrusubat. Hístuz Udûn-u."
Mincham says, "He will not have it. I sent him to Udûn."
Fulak says, "Nagaz prakthubat Tark-ushtar?"
Mincham says, "Will any others seek to ambush the army of Gondor?"
Fulak says, "Talmub-izg Arzân agh Naztgaj!"
Mincham says, "I could do much better than Ayorzén or Naztgaj!"
Khôgath the Render says, "Nar. Gothbúrz nargat ushtar Uzgund-ob ukhordat."
Mincham says, "No. The Master wants the army of Gondor to continue its march."
Fulak says, "Skai! Mol za?"
Mincham says, "What? How can this be?"
Khôgath the Render says, "Krampumizub, rad-lab shaut."
Mincham says, "Those are my orders, and that means they are yours now."
Khôgath the Render says, "Shakh-vogál ukhubat Doraz-u."
Mincham says, "The upstart king is to be allowed to come to the gate."
Khôgath the Render says, "Gothbúrz gimbaklat-ta."
Mincham says, "The Master has plans for him."
Faeron says, "Mincham, <name>, we need to leave!"
Sounds below you in the tower signal the return of the Orcs

Objective 9

  • Talk to Faeron inside Narchost

You have overheard a conversation between Khôgath the Render and his minion Fulak, but it is not safe to linger within Narchost.

Faeron: 'Mincham's study of that foul language has borne fruit, <name>, and we have learned what we can: the armies of Mordor have order to allow Aragorn to come to the gate! What terrible fate does the Enemy have in mind for the Host of the West?
'I hope Aragorn finds this knowledge useful, but now we need to escape from this place and return to his camp. We can no longer stay here!'
Completed: Instance: By Secret Steps
Faeron: 'We have to get out of here!'