Quest:Instance: A Wedding at Midsummer

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Instance: A Wedding at Midsummer
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with King Aragorn II Elessar
Starts at Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
Start Region Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
Map Ref [22.5N, 52.8W]
Quest Chain Vol. V. Book 1
Reflecting Pool Minas Tirith (Midsummer) Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

A Wedding at Midsummer

"It was on Midsummer's Day that folk from near lands and far came to the White City to witness the Great Wedding."


Midsummer's Day has arrived, and with it the Great Wedding of King Elessar and Arwen Undómiel.

Objective 1

  • Walk down the aisle and speak to Aragorn

The procession is underway, and King Aragorn Elessar II is waiting for you to walk down the aisle to him, where he has a few words for you.

Aragorn smiles at you.
King Aragorn II Elessar: 'I am pleased you could be here, <name>, on this day of joy. Take your place beside Merry, my friend.'

Objective 2

  • Stand next to Merry on the southern side of the aisle

Your place, from where you will have a fine view of the ceremony, is next to Meriadoc Brandybuck on the southern side of the aisle.

You take your place next to Merry and the procession continues

Objective 3

  • Wait for the Elves to take their places as the processional continues

The processional continues while the Elves take their places atop the prow.

King Aragorn II Elessar says, "Mae govannen, Peredhel. Uivered toled lín."
Elrond says, "Mai omenina, Estel."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "A le, meleth nín, suilad."
Arwen Undómiel says, "Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo, Arimeldanya."

Objective 4

Mithrandir has some words of welcome for the folk assembled atop the pier.

Mithrandir says, "I bid you welcome!"
Mithrandir says, "We come here in time of celebration, that we may share in the joys of peace."
Mithrandir says, "Let us rejoice that the war is ended, and that love endures!"
Mithrandir says, "But remember too: the coming of the dawn does not mean an end to all shadows."
Mithrandir says, "Many are those who gave their lives so we might see this day."
Mithrandir says, "Let us pause to remember those whose time has passed, and will not come again."

Objective 5

  • Mourn to remember those who did not live to see this day

Mithrandir has called for a moment of silence to remember those who did not live to see this day.

Objective 6

  • Listen to Mithrandir's additional words of remembrance

Mithrandir wishes to speak some additional words of remembrance.

Mithrandir says, "Now let us speak of three whose deeds are worthy of especial remembrance."
Mithrandir says, "Hail Théoden, King of the Mark!"
Mithrandir says, "At the hour of Gondor's need his horsemen broke the siege, delivering the White City from its enemies."
Mithrandir says, "Long will the Ride of the Rohirrim be remembered in song, and with glad hearts!"
Mithrandir says, "Hail Boromir, Captain-General of Gondor!"
Mithrandir says, "Bravely did he defend his people from the threat of Mordor, with valour known to all."
Mithrandir says, "Yet his greatest deeds are known to few; still, they were no less needful for Sauron's undoing."
Mithrandir says, "And last... hail Denethor, Steward of Gondor until the coming of the King!"
The crowd murmurs with discontent at this mention of Denethor
Mithrandir says, "Be still! I call for silence!"
Mithrandir says, "Speak no ill of what you do not understand!"
Mithrandir says, "Lord Denethor held your foes at bay, though the Dark Lord's malice tested him ever."
Mithrandir says, "If not for these labours, this City would have fallen ere any help could come."
Mithrandir says, "Few who stand here today could suffer what he endured for so long. Not even I."
Mithrandir says, "But... let us now turn to more joyful matters."
Mithrandir says, "The long night is over. And love and laughter come with the day."
Mithrandir says, "Every wedding brings cause for celebration, but no marriage more than this."
Mithrandir says, "For the blood of Eärendil's children, long parted, shall once more be made one."
Mithrandir says, "Aiya, elenion ancalima!"
Mithrandir says, "Let the Light you bear shine upon this glad union!"
Mithrandir says, "I call upon those honoured guests who wish to speak to come forward now."

Objective 7

  • Listen to the speeches by honoured guests

Some honoured guests have asked to speak some words at the ceremony.

Elrond says, "Long in the years of Men, but short by my counting, have I known the doom of this day."
Elrond says, "It was to be the fate of Arwen Undómiel to part either from her kin or from Middle-earth."
Elrond says, "Now her path is set, and this joy brings great sorrow."
Elrond says, "Our roads shall not meet again ere the breaking of the world. Yet despite the pain it brings, I cannot wish otherwise."
Elrond says, "Why would I deem it so?"
Galadriel says, "You know the reason, husband of my daughter."
Galadriel says, "For is love not mightiest of all forces in the world?"
Faramir says, "So say the Men of Gondor."
Faramir says, "We have not the wisdom of Elves, but this much is clear to us."
Faramir says, "Love gives courage to stand against the hardships arrayed against us."
Elrond says, "Even courage to part from those dearest to us, son of Gondor?"
Faramir says, "Aye, Lord Elrond, even so. I have now felt such love, and I know this is true."
Frodo Baggins says, "I do not wish to speak above my place..."
Mithrandir says, "Say on, Frodo. None here hold a place higher than yours."
Frodo Baggins says, "Well, I was thinking about the Shire."
Frodo Baggins says, "Most of you have never seen it, but it is my home."
Frodo Baggins says, "It is a fair green country where we hobbit-folk live, untroubled by the world’s great trials."
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Mostly untroubled!"
Frodo Baggins says, "Well, we have come a long way from the Shire."
Frodo Baggins says, "On that journey, a friend once spoke to me of the world’s perils."
Frodo Baggins says, "'There are many dark places,' he said. 'But still there is much that is fair."'
Frodo Baggins says, "'Though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.'"
Elrond says, "This is a saying of the Eldar, Frodo Baggins."
Frodo Baggins says, "It was told to me by Haldir of Lórien, on the banks of the Silverlode."
Frodo Baggins says, "I think that love and sorrow are often entwined, and each hones the other."
Frodo Baggins says, "If we did not know both, I very much doubt we would feel either as strongly."
Frodo Baggins says, "But I have gone on for too long! Sam wished to say a few words as well!"
Samwise Gamgee says, "Oh, I needn't, Mister Frodo."
Mithrandir says, "Go on, Samwise."
Samwise Gamgee says, "Ah, well, it’s only a plain old rhyme, but..."
Samwise Gamgee says, "Age-long our garden bore no bloom"
Samwise Gamgee says, "Left barren-cold and buried deep;"
Samwise Gamgee says, "Far under snows of winter’s gloom"
Samwise Gamgee says, "The seeds we sowed did softly sleep."
Samwise Gamgee says, "And through the wind and sullen frost,"
Samwise Gamgee says, "They waited well and did not fade."
Samwise Gamgee says, "Now winter dwindles, cold is lost,"
Samwise Gamgee says, "And sunshine rests upon the glade."
Samwise Gamgee says, "Springtime dawns, and sprout and shoot"
Samwise Gamgee says, "Limn the lawns with golds and blues,"
Samwise Gamgee says, "And with the summer’s flower and fruit."
Samwise Gamgee says, "The garden glows, awash with hues."
Samwise Gamgee says, "And what to thank for all these splendours?"
Samwise Gamgee says, "None but the kind hands of its tenders."
Samwise Gamgee says, "Care well for the plots you mind,"
Samwise Gamgee says, "Love things that grow beneath the soil"
Samwise Gamgee says, "Foster them with thoughts most kind,"
Samwise Gamgee says, "And joy shall repay all your toil."

Objective 8

  • Cheer for Sam

Sam has finished reciting his poem, and the assembled crowd cheers for the embarrassed hobbit.

Objective 9

  • Watch as Mithrandir continues the ceremony

The speeches concluded, Mithrandir continues the wedding ceremony.

Mithrandir says, "Well-spoken, Master Gamgee. A ‘simple rhyme,’ indeed."
Mithrandir says, "Now, to the matter at hand..."
Mithrandir says, "When two are to be wed, the rites of both Elves and Men call for the exchange of golden rings."
Mithrandir says, "Given events of recent days, however, perhaps it is best to... skip this custom."
Mithrandir says, "Unless our lovers object?"
Mithrandir says, "Then let their hands be joined instead, and thus reveal their bond to all as they take their oaths to each other."

Objective 10

  • Witness the marriage of King Elessar and Arwen Undómiel

The time has come for King Elessar and Arwen Undómiel to exchange their vows, in view of the assembled masses.

Arwen Undómiel says, "Though I turn from the Everlasting West, I am undiminished."
Arwen Undómiel says, "An hour with you brings more joy than a thousand years apart."
Arwen Undómiel says, "When you embarked upon your quest, my sorrow was as none I have ever known."
Arwen Undómiel says, "Now we are again together, and so shall stay."
Arwen Undómiel says, "I choose Lúthien’s path, bound to your fate as was hers to Beren’s."
Arwen Undómiel says, "Mainuvan melmetya, ter coivierényar ar tennoio."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "We are as two fair trees entangled beneath the Sun, rooted deep, drinking light together."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "My heart has belonged to you from the hour I first beheld your grace beneath the leaves."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "You are my hope, the sustaining flame I bore unto the jaws of Shadow..."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "...the Evenstar who guided my steps through labour and fear."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "Mainuvan melmetya, ter coivierényar ar tennoio."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "Nai alaquen imbë ve' tuluva, ar la nyérë nehtuva vet."
Mithrandir says, "Aragorn Elessar, son of Arathorn, will you wed Arwen, daughter of Elrond, and henceforth be husband unto her?"
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "I will."
Mithrandir says, "Arwen Undómiel, daughter of Celebrían, will you wed Aragorn, son of Gilraen, and henceforth be wife unto him?"
Arwen Undómiel says, "I will."
Mithrandir says, "Then before the Valar and the One who stands above all others, and in sight of Men and Elves..."
Gimli says, "Hmmph."
Mithrandir says, "...and Dwarves..."
Peregrin Took says, "Oh, and hobbits! Don't forget us!"
Mithrandir says, "...and ALL FREE FOLK... let you be bound together, and the twin lines of Eärendil be made one anew."
Mithrandir says, "All hail the High King of the South-realm and the North, and all hail the High Queen!"
Celebros says, "Eglerio!"
Celephir says, "Eglerio!"
Elf of Lórien says, "Hail Undómiel!"
Idhrien says, "Praise them with great praise!"
Merethien says, "Hail Elessar!"
Ormatar says, "Hail Elessar!"
Tegilwen says, "Hail Undómiel!"

Objective 11

  • Mithrandir's fireworks signal an end to the ceremony, but only the start of the celebration

Mithrandir's fireworks are as impressive as ever, and the celebration will continue long into the night.

Mithrandir says, "Behold! The White Tree flowers anew over the Kingdom restored!"
King Aragorn II Elessar: 'Mithrandir never fails to impress, does he not?
'But I understand the ceremony is merely the beginning of the festivities this night? I hope to see you later, my friend.'