Quest:Instance: A Champion's Courage

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Instance: A Champion's Courage
Level 30
Type Solo only
Starts with Slade Ransford
Starts at Ost Guruth
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [31.3S, 29.5W]
Quest Group Champion
Class Champion
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Mosal-ruk, leader of the Orcs of Ost Cyrn, gathers his strength to crush the Eglain of the Lone-lands and press westward to Bree-land. Slade Ransford, a champion of the common good, stands ready with his allies to turn back the Orkish war-band...."


You have come to Ost Cyrn with Slade Ransford to cast out the Orcs that have taken up residence within the ruins.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Slade Ransford
  • Fight into Ost Cyrn with Slade Ransford

Slade Ransford is at Ost Cyrn, in the Lone-lands.

Slade is waiting to speak with you about fighting deep into Ost Cyrn in search of Mosal-ruk, the vile Orc that leads this war-band.

Slade Ransford: 'Ost Cyrn lies ahead, <name>, and if we are true of heart and strong of arm, the Orcs within will not remain there by this time tomorrow!
'Let us take a circuitous route into the ruins and slay as many Orcs as lie within our path. Mosal-ruk will test our courage even by himself, and the fewer of his band that remain when we face him, the more confident I will be of our victory!'
Slade Ransford says, "Death to the Orcs!"
Tarkrîp Brawler says, "Ost Cyrn is ours!"
Tarkrîp Brawler says, "You won't leave Ost Cyrn alive!"
Slade Ransford says, "You cannot stand against two champions!"
Slade Ransford says, "Ha!"
Slade Ransford says, "Mosal-ruk must be further inside. Let's rest for a bit."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Slade Ransford

Slade Ransford is at Ost Cyrn, in the Lone-lands.

Slade is taking a quick rest atop one of the ruined buildings of Ost Cyrn, and is waiting to speak with you about proceeding further into the ruins in search of Mosal-ruk.

Slade Rransford: 'Let us continue, <name> -- the deadliest leg of our journey lies ahead, for Mosal-ruk has surely learned of our coming by now. We will show him he and his kind are not welcome in these lands!'

Objective 3

  • Fight into Ost Cyrn with Slade Ransford

Mosal-ruk stands defiantly before you.

You have fought deep into Ost Cyrn with Slade Ransford, and the time has come to face Mosal-ruk, the leader of the war-band that occupies the ruins.

Slade Ransford says, "Look! It's him!"
Slade Ransford says, "Mosal-ruk! Your time in this place is up!"
Slade Ransford says, "Get back up here, <name>! I can't do this alone!"
Slade Ransford says, "You are no match for us!"
Mosal-ruk says, "Champions? You make me laugh, weaklings! Now you die!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Slade Ransford

Slade Ransford stands triumphantly within Ost Cyrn.

Together, you and Slade journeyed into the ruins of Ost Cyrn and put an end to Mosal-ruk and his vile war-band.

Slade Rransford: 'We are victorious, <name>, true champions of the Lone-lands! Mosal-ruk will no more threaten the folk who try to make their living in these hard lands, and we have sent a message to his masters this day -- we will stand against you, no matter the odds!
'Tell me when you are ready, and we will journey back to Ost Guruth with this happy news!'
Slade Ransford: 'What we accomplished today is a thing of which legends are made -- "The Song of Slade and <name> at Ost Cyrn," is you like!
'Are you ready to return to Ost Guruth? Perhaps I'll find a minstrel to whom I can relate this tale!'