Quest:Instance: A Captain's Standard

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Instance: A Captain's Standard
Level 30
Type Solo only
Starts with Jarl Copperbrace
Starts at Othrikar
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [7.3S, 45.2W]
Quest Group Captain
Class Captain
Quest Text

A Captain's Standard
'Dwarves of the Dourhand house have taken refuge in the ruins of Ost Galumar, not far from the mines of Othrikar, stirring the Longbeards of Othrikar to action. Jarl Copperbrace recruits the bravest of the brave to deal with the threat of the Dourhands....'


You have journeyed to Ost Galumar with Jarl Copperbrace to raise the standards of the Free Peoples over the Dourhand-occupied ruins.

Objective 1

Jarl Copperbrace is waiting for you outside Ost Galumar.

Jarl Copperbrace wishes to speak with you.

Jarl: 'Ost Galumar lies ahead, [name], and you will find standard-poles at various places along the walls. The Dourhands must have some way of climbing onto the walls, for they removed the standards that once flew over this keep.
'Raise three of the standards I have given you above Ost Galumar....and watch out for the Dourhands that hide within!'

Objective 2

  • Hang standards of the Free Peoples on standard-poles (0/3)

Three standard-poles are positioned on the walls of Ost Galumar.

Jarl Copperbrace has asked you to raise three of the standards of the Free Peoples over Ost Galumar.

Dourhand Fighter says, "Who would follow you into battle?"
Dourhand Fighter says, "I will be your undoing!"
Stout Dourhand says, "You will die unknown, fool captain!"
Dourhand Standard-bearer says, "You will die a captain to none, fool!"
Dourhand Fighter says, "Your strength falters!"

Objective 3

Jarl Copperbrace is outside Ost Galumar.

Jarl Copperbrace is waiting to speak with you about your successful errand.

Jarl: 'Look at them, [name]! The sight of those standards flying once again over Ost Galumar is a happy one indeed. And you are a captain of great worth to have accomplished this thing!
'Let me know when you are ready to return to Othrikar, [name], and we shall give these happy tidings to its people!'