Quest:Instance:The Madness of Vanyalos

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Instance:The Madness of Vanyalos
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Merenir
Starts at Imloth Melui
Start Region Lossarnach
Map Ref [73.2S, 23.5W]
Ends with Lady Vanyalos
Ends at Nan Harlond
End Region Lossarnach
Map Ref [74.5S, 20.8W]
Quest Chain Imloth Melui
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

After days secluded in her chambers, Lady Vanyalos has left them in a troubled state, seemingly heedless of her path. Down from her hill, down out of Imloth Melui, down to the high banks of the River Anduin where fair flowers nod in the breeze and danger lurks all around.


Lady Vanyalos left Imloth Melui unescorted and unguarded. Merenir, fearing for her safety and state of mind, sent you after her. You have found Lady Vanyalos just off the northward road.

Objective 1

Lady Vanyalos stands between two trees, off the northward road.

You have found Lady Vanyalos. You should approach her and see if she can be persuaded to return to Imloth Melui.

Objective 2

  • Protect Lady Vanyalos

Lady Vanyalos is wandering on the greensward by the River Anduin.

You should protect the Lady Vanyalos and see if you can get her to come to her senses.

Lady Vanyalos says, "I loved this place. Ever since I was a girl."
Lady Vanyalos says, "I would come pick flowers here."
Lady Vanyalos says, "Flowers gayly coloured. Flowers deathly pale."
Lady Vanyalos says, "Until I would dream of them at night."
Lady Vanyalos says, "And then my sister - we would tell one another our dreams."
Lady Vanyalos says, "If you only knew her. If you only knew Terenis, you would not say..."
Lady Vanyalos says, "And though she hasn't spoken to me in years... clinging to her insufferable pride..."
Lady Vanyalos says, "But in those days our dreams... dreams they grew tangled... tangled in our hair."
Lady Vanyalos says, "Hands of blood. Hair of fire. I cannot stamp it out."
Lady Vanyalos says, "Look, the River Anduin. In a hundred tongues it calls out."
Lady Vanyalos says, "Can you not hear?"
Lady Vanyalos says, "Oh, my sister Terenis. Wroth and bitter to this day, because I stole her betrothed."
Lady Vanyalos says, "Better say that he stole me!"
Lady Vanyalos says, "A big man, even then, but gallant and good. When he looked on me, his eyes!"
Lady Vanyalos says, "We would steal off to the arbor, Forlong and I."
Lady Vanyalos says, "He would tell me of the trees, the blossoms, the strange song of the Erui."
Lady Vanyalos says, "Oh, I have dreamed of fire and blood! Oh, terrible, terrible!"
Lady Vanyalos says, "You should have seen her when she learned. Learned of Forlong and me."
Lady Vanyalos shouts, Oh, what have I seen? What have they done?"
Lady Vanyalos says, "Our brother Denethor said nothing. Forlong was gracious but he did not mend the wound. Forlong..."
Lady Vanyalos shouts, Oh, what have I seen? What have they done?"
Lady Vanyalos says, "Gone off to die. Die in dreams and wars."
Lady Vanyalos says, "Die in fire and blood."
Lady Vanyalos says, "A wreath of mourning."
Lady Vanyalos says, "I shall gather flowers, yes, and lay them in a wreath."
Lady Vanyalos says, "More flowers. Yes, those. Flowers deathly pale."
Lady Vanyalos says, "There again, old Anduin speaks to me. Calls and beckons me. Should I jump in?"
Lady Vanyalos says, "What dreams, what nightmares I have known!"
Lady Vanyalos says, "Head crowned in fire! Hands gloved in blood!"
Lady Vanyalos says, "My beloved... my brother... my own..."
Lady Vanyalos says, "Oh, my head... spinning... oh my!"

Objective 3

Fight the orc captain among the reeds by the River Anduin.

Just as Lady Vanyalos fainted, the Orc captain, Tenakrul, came upon you.

Defeated Tenakrul

Objective 4

  • Talk to Lady Vanyalos

Lady Vanyalos stands among the reeds by the River Anduin.

Having come to her senses at last, the Lady Vanyalos looks ready to talk to you.

Lady Vanyalos: 'I -- where am I? How have I come here, among the reeds. Oh, <name>. What terrible dreams I have had. I... I think I have not been myself.'
Completed:Instance: The Madness of Vanyalos
Lady Vanyalos: 'Please, would you see me home? To Imloth Melui? I fear... fear that I am unwell.'