Quest:Infernal Stores

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Infernal Stores
Level 65
Type Solo
Starts with Thyrnir
Starts at Thangúlhad
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [12.6S, 46.5W]
Quest Group Mirkwood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hello there, <name>. Have you had a look down there in the Orc-camps yet? It's a real mess. Orcs and goblins aren't too good at staying organized when you put a good fright into them, from what I've seen.

'Anyhow, I noticed that they have got the oil for their siege-engines piled up in great heaps of boxes and crates, just lying about. That's never know when it might catch fire!

'If you were to steal a few of their fire-pots and use them to set the rest ablaze, I imagine it would help add a warm glow to these dreary slopes for the evening.'


Thyrnir noticed that the Orcs of Gathbúrz have left their fire-oil supplies haphazardly piled about in the chaos of the Elven assault.

Objective 1

  • Collect fire-pots (0/6)
  • Collect oil-stores (0/4)

Fire-pots and supply crates can be found in the Orc-forts throughout northern Gathbúrz.

Thyrnir has asked you to destroy the goblins' stockpiles of fire-oil by igniting them with the goblins' own fire-pots.

Objective 2

Thyrnir at Thangúlhad in Gathbúrz.

You should report your success to Thyrnir.

Thyrnir: 'Ha! I could see the blazes from here, <name>! That will teach the fool goblins to leave dangerous toys lying about! Good work, my friend.'