Quest:Ill-fated Deception

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Ill-fated Deception
Level 100
Type Fellowship
Starts with Harnion
Starts at Tarlang's Crown
Start Region Blackroot Vale
Map Ref [70.5S, 66.6W]
Ends with Gondren
Ends at Tarlang's Crown
End Region Blackroot Vale
Map Ref [67.8S, 68.6W]
Quest Chain Tarlang's Crown
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'<name>, there is another matter that has me worried.

'You see, my friend Gondren devised a plan to discover more of our enemies' plans. He thought to disguise himself as a Corsair to sneak behind their lines... and the man cannot even grow a beard! It was a truly foolish plan, but I believe he went ahead with it anyway.

'Gather your allies and search for him near their camps. If he spoke true, he will be dressed like one of them, so take care not to rough him up too badly!'


Harnion fears for the life of his friend, Gondren, who disguised himself in an attempt to discover more of the Heirs of Castamir and their vile plans.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Gondren in Tarlang's Crown

Gondren can be found in central Tarlang's Crown.

Harnion has asked you to rescue Gondren from the forces in Tarlang's Crown.

Gondren: 'Come back to taunt me, have you? I'm already a dead man, I hardly see the point...
'You... you're not a Corsair! If Harnion sent you, I'm afraid you are too late to save me... but I learned many things of their plans here before I was captured. They seem to take a great deal of joy in bleeding me out, so much so that they have even kept the hounds from me.
'Come close, my friend, I must speak while I still can...'