Quest:Hides for Etta

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Hides for Etta
Level 17
Type Solo
Starts with Etta Yewberry
Starts at Stonecrop Encampment
Start Region Cardolan
Map Ref [54.3S, 40.2W]
Quest Group Cardolan
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Well met! Do not mind my pacing. I find myself restless being confined to these crumbled walls. My husband, Tam, did not want us to make this trip, and now it seems he was right to worry!

'I want to make him a new pair of breeches, but our hunter is otherwise occupied. If you head north, will you bring me hides from the avanc that lurk in the watery pools?'


The many pools of Sedgemead are home to dangerous avanc, whose thick hides make for fine leather.

Objective 1

  • Collect avanc hides (0/8)

Etta Yewberry has asked you to bring her hides from the avanc who make the watery pools north of Tharbad their homes.

Collected avanc hides (8/8)

Objective 2

You should bring the avanc hides to Etta Yewberry. Etta is in Stonecrop Encampment, north of Tharbad.

Etta Yewberry: 'Ah, perfect! These are exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you so much for your help!'