Quest:Haunted Forest

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Haunted Forest
Level 16
Type Solo
Starts with Gillemin Brandybuck
Starts at Old Forest
Start Region Old Forest
Map Ref [33.8S, 59.3W]
Ends with Toly Brockhouse
Ends at Old Forest Tunnel
End Region Bree-land
Map Ref [32.8S, 61.5W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain The Wood-cutter's Tale
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You are one for a good tale I see. Well then, a good tale I shall tell, I hope. The tree did not look alive, rotten to the core I think and seeking only vengeance. Mayhaps it was one of the tenders of the past spooked by some feeling of dread that washed over it or some such. I know only that it lay beyond the spiders that took my pack.

'It was foul and terrible to see, a great blight in the forest. If something in these woods has stirred them to something greater than mischief, I would first look there.

'You will need to cross the river here and search within the hollow where the spiders make their nest. That was the last spot I saw the tree.'


Gillemin Brandybuck believes the great tree he found is at the centre of the stirring of the Old Forest.

Objective 1

  • Discover the source of the Forest's unrest

The spider nest lies near the Willow Glade, to the south of Gillemin's old camp. Search there for signs of the angered tree.

Gillemin told you that the source of the forest's unrest likely lay within the spider hollow beyond the Withywindle River to the south, within the Old Forest.

Gillemin Brandybuck: 'I'd wager that spider nest has become a suitable home for that frightening tree. You might want to take some friends and have a look!'
Haunted Barren-Oak says, "Death! The Iron Crown brings death to ye all!"
Haunted Barren-Oak says, "Thou will be dragged down into darkness!"
Haunted Barren-Oak says, "The Witch-king's malice shall smite thee!"
Haunted Barren-Oak says, "To darkness I return...."
Defeated the Haunted Barren-Oak

Objective 2

Return to Toly Brockhouse near the Gate that borders the Old Forest and Buckland.

The dead tree has been slain, and though there is still great evil stirring within the wood, the borders of Buckland should see some manner of ease. You should return to Gillemin Brandybuck (sic .. it should read Toly Brockhouse) with the news.

Gillemin Brandybuck: 'My word! This is worse than I thought! I've seen the trees move, but never a tree that talks. I don't know anything about witches, but they say those Barrow-downs beyond the Old Forest are haunted…perhaps ghosts haunt the wood now too!
'I've heard rumours that there are -- or were -- great ones even among trees, wicked and bent, who ruled the Old Forest like kings. If it's one of these that haunted that old oak, it's no wonder the forest was disturbed!
'Maybe now that you've put the spirit to rest, the trees will go back to sleep and the animals will calm. Well, done…well done, I say! You should go speak with Toly and tell him the good news.'
Toly Brockhouse: 'I have always thought that Old Gilly was touched when he talked about the trees moving of their own accord, but now you tell me the same thing -- worse, that one talked! We should keep this to ourselves so as not to sow fear among the quieter folk here in Buckland.
'If you have dealt with the threat, then all should be well, and I will do my best to keep a look over my shoulder for any trees closing in upon me as I make my rounds in the Old Forest.
'I am, we are ever in your debt for stopping this threat from becoming too great a risk. Thank you, <name>.'