Quest:Guiding the Shadow

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Guiding the Shadow
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Ruidhriel
Starts at Tâl Caradhras
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [49.1S, 9.3W]
Quest Group Eregion
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Though the Shadow-wargs have been thinned they still plague the Burnt Tor, fighting to their last breath. There is some evil malice guiding these creatures that we have not yet faced.

'You must return to the Burnt Tor and seek out this menace. The Shadow-wargs will never relent until all of Eregion lies in ruin, or they have found that which we seek to keep hidden.

'The leader of the Shadow-wargs most likely stalks among them seeking for clues of the Company. I am certain you will find him upon the Burnt Tor.'


Ruidhriel has asked that you seek out the source of the Shadow-wargs.

Objective 1

The leader of the Shadow-wargs can be found upon the Burnt Tor, west of Ruidhriel.

Ruidhriel has tasked you with slaying the leader of the Shadow-wargs.

Ruidhriel: 'Have you sought out the leader of the Shadow-wargs, <name>? He should stalk among his foul servants somewhere upon the Burnt Tor.'
Dagronk, Warg-master says, "Ah, time for a bit of sport!"
Defeated Dagronk, Warg-master

Objective 2

Ruidhriel is east of the Burnt Tor.

You should return to Ruidhriel and tell her of your success.

Ruidhriel: 'You have returned, <name>! Then the deed is done?
'An Orc? This is strange news, for if your description is true this is no Orc of Saruman, this one is one of the foul Orcs of Mordor!
'Sauron's arm has grown long indeed....a report must be brought back to Rivendell.'