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Level 28
Type Solo
Starts with Quartermaster Orgrin
Starts at Othrikar
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [6.9S, 44.9W]
Ends with Gatson
Ends at Gatson's Farm
End Region North Downs
Map Ref [10.3S, 45.6W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It seems there is, after all, one last farmer in the North Downs. A fellow named Gatson refuses to leave his land to the Orcs.

'It may be that he still has grain to sell us. If you would, pay Gatson a visit to learn if this is true. Tell him we will pay him good silver for his produce.

'Gatson's farm is not too far south of the hills.'


The Dwarves of Othrikar are beset by supply troubles, stemming from the incursion of Orcs and Wargs from the north and the betrayal of the Dourhands.

Objective 1

Gatson's Farm is south of Othrikar in the plains below the hills.

Almost all of the farmers of the North Downs have abandoned their lands in the face of the Orc incursion. Hornbori learned that one, a man named Gatson, is refusing to leave, however. Hornbori has asked you to speak to Farmer Gatson about purchasing grain.

Gatson: 'Aye, it's true, I had a rich harvest this year, and I'd gladly sell it off, if I could. I'd not done business with the dwarves in the past, because those Dourhands were nasty fellows, but now that Durin's Folk are in charge, I'd be more than willing to do business with them.
'Or rather, I should say, I would happily sell the grain if I still had it! Those cursed Orcs have raided my farm and taken most of the harvest. Alas, it looks like I will not be able to help you. Unless....'