Quest:Gathering up the Sheep

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Gathering up the Sheep
Level 30
Type Solo
Starts with Gerard Deephole
Starts at Northcotton Animal Pens
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [23.5S, 68.7W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'The market is more than just a place to come and buy and sell things from the farm. It's also a chance to experience see what it's like to work the land.

'One of the most important parts of that is letting the little ones feed and pet the animals. This is a major event for them. Many of them have seen these animals before but never gotten a chance to get up close.

'There's a lot of work to do before the animals are ready, though. First up are the sheep. They got out of their pen in a storm last week, and I need your help gathering them back up. They're pretty docile. If you go up and talk to them, they should follow you for a short bit. Just lead them back to the pen.'


One of the main features of the Northcotton Farmer's Market is its animal petting area.

Objective 1

  • Bring sheep back to the pen (0/4)

The sheep have roamed into the fields surrounding the animal-pens.

Gerard Deephole asked you to gather the sheep up and bring them back to the pen.

Gerard: 'The sheep'll follow you for a little bit, but they tend to lose focus pretty quick.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Gerard Deephole

Gerard Deephole is at the animal-pens on the Northcotton Farm.

Gerard Deephole will want to know all the sheep are back in the pen.

Gerard: 'Good! With the sheep all in, we can turn to the next step...chasing chickens.'