Quest:Flame and Shadow

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Flame and Shadow
Level 57
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Geirfast
Starts at Twenty-first Hall
Start Region Zelem-melek
Map Ref [5.9S, 105.5W]
Quest Group Moria Lower Deeps
Quest Chain Shadow Map
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have collected all the materials, and I have assembled the torch this map calls for -- now it is time to see what we shall do with it!

'A lit torch is a fit weapon against few creatures; I suggest you find an ally, perhaps two, in case you have to move around while the torch is lit. While you are looking for the help, I will just send a runner to bring the unlit torch into the cave described in the map.

'Speak to me again once you are ready to leave.'


Geirfast has identified the small cave described in the map and will send the wondrous torch you have assembled to it while you find an ally or two.

Objective 1

Geirfast is in the Twenty-first Hall.

You should speak with Geirfast again when you are prepared to travel to the strange cave.

Geirfast: 'You are prepared to go? I hope you have some help...
'I sent that runner, as promised -- he returned to say that he was barely able to stick his head into the cave before he was blasted with a pygmy drake's fire-breath! He dropped the torch and legged it back here with some alacrity. So be ready!'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Geirfast at the Twenty-first Hall

Geirfast is at the Twenty-first Hall.

You should return to Geirfast and tell him of the strange map you saw projected on the wall by the light of the torch.

Geirfast: 'Another map? Are you sure?
'My curiosity burns within me! Will you follow this strange story to the end?'