Quest:False Wards

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False Wards
Level 36
Type Solo
Starts with Erchiel
Starts at The Eavespires
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [6.1S, 71.9W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Chain Threat from the North
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Now then, as a warrior of some renown, I am all too accustomed to doing battle, and always I contend with and offer the threat of death. Against such mean foes as goblins and Orcs, this threat itself is often sufficient to break their spirits and send them back into the darkness unless they are driven by powerful masters -- but not so with the Gauredain.

'As Lithuifin has reminded me, Men such as they who are still free of spirit and pride often place greater value upon the unseen and unfelt worlds than they do upon their own lives. The wards were the clue, and it is this that we shall play upon to keep our respective camps safely separated. You may have noticed a number of Gauradan-markers along the shore of the river just north of here. Those mark the current boundaries of the Gauredain's territory -- at least as they see it. But they do not in any way prevent them from crossing further into our stretch of the forest. That we shall now change.

'I have changed the wards you brought me and added a few flourishes. If you add these to the boundary markers, they will no longer represent mere territorial boundaries, but Wards of Doom to the Gauredain, a warning that any who cross put their very spirits into absolute peril. The Gauredain may not respect our swords and bows, but this they shall not lightly ignore.'


Erchiel is ready to move forward with the final stages of the plan Lithuifin helped her devise.

Objective 1

Erchiel has asked you to modify a series of Gauradan-markers into Wards of Doom to prevent the Gauredain from crossing into the Eavespires.

The Gauradan-markers are along the river to the north of the Eavespires.

Erchiel: 'This final task should be quite simple. The markers you seek can be found along the northern bank of the river that runs by the Eavespires.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Erchiel

You should return and tell Erchiel that you have finished placing the wards.

Erchiel is at the Eavespires, south of the river.

Erchiel: 'Ah, well done, my friend. That should greatly reduce the threat of the Gauredain for the time being.
'That line of wards will neither prevent their crossing indefinitely, nor will it stop some of their most insistent or brave hunters from intruding, but I will deal with those as I must. What it will do is prevent open war from erupting between their tribe and tose of us here in the Eavenspires, and that is enough for now.
'You have my deepest gratitude, and though I have no more tasks for you, you may wish to speak with Lithuifin or Longbough and see if either of them requires your aid.'