Quest:Enemies Forever

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Enemies Forever
Level 51
Type Solo
Starts with Wigfast
Starts at The Great Delving
Start Region The Great Delving
Map Ref [7.7S, 111.8W]
Quest Group Moria: The Great Delving
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Can you believe all of these goblins? You are a brave and skilled <class>, so it will be nothing to you to thin their numbers a bit. We have got to start somewhere.

'Be careful, friend. I do not like the looks of this place. The goblins seem more organized than usual.'


Goblins have infested Gazatmur in alarming numbers and pose a great threat to the Dolven-view camp.

Objective 1

Goblins can be found in Gazatmur, a large area in the east of the Great Delving.

You should defeat many goblins at Gazatmur to thin their numbers.

Wigfast: 'There is something unusually bad about Gazatmur. I do not like the way the goblins seem so organized in their movements.'

Objective 2

  • Return to Wigfast at his hiding spot

Wigfast is at his hiding spot near Gazatmur, the goblin-encampment of the eastern Great Delving.

You should return to Wigfast now that you have thinned the goblins' ranks.

Wigfast: 'That was a good start, <name>! I thank you for your assistance in making these halls safer for our expedition.'