Quest:Eliminating the Beasts

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Eliminating the Beasts
Level 26
Type Solo
Starts with Reynold Potts
Starts at Treasure Hunters' Camp
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [7.9S, 56.1W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Chain Fell Beasts
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Surely you have seen the corrupted, miserable beasts that roam here. It is the long influence of Fornost's corruption, I think, that hurts them so.

'It would be a mercy to put them down, for it is no life to graze in these lands.'


Foul, corrupted beasts of all kinds wander the ruined and crumbling streets of Fornost, twisted and unnatural mockeries of the wildlife of the North Downs. These creatures pose a threat to all that lives in the surrounding lands.

Objective 1

  • Defeat bears in Fornost (0/3)
  • Defeat boars in Fornost (0/3)
  • Defeated aurochs in Fornost (0/3)

Corrupted bears, boars, and aurochs roam the ruined streets of Fornost in the north-western North Downs.

You should defeat many of the tortured, unhappy animals that roam northern Fornost.

Objective 2

  • Return to Reynold Potts

Reynold Potts is at the Treasure Hunters' Camp, west of Fornost's keep.

You should return to Reynold Potts.

Reynold Potts: 'You have done as I asked, and for that I must thank you. It may not be enough, however. If they have corrupted beasts once, they will do it again.'