Quest:Drawing the Enemy

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Drawing the Enemy
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Limlaer
Starts at Nan Sirannon
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [52.1S, 10.2W]
Quest Group Eregion
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It seems that your trail worked, <name>. A tracking-party was seen by another of my scouts close at hand to the false trail. Now we must draw the trap closed!

'Travel south-west of here between Porth Cadlus and Goeolhad. Look to the south of the ravine that runs westward to the hilltop above for some tall boulders overlooking a small clearing that lies just west of the tower on the edge of Nan Sirannon.

'There, you must set up a false camp and lie in wait for the scouts. Be careful, though...the scouts must not be allowed to return to their foul masters.

'If the Enemy is tricked into believing that the Company has gone through the Gap of Rohan or around the White Mountains, their real trail may remain hidden for good. Return to me when you have completed the task.'


Limlaer has enlisted your aid in setting false trails to lure the Enemy south.

Objective 1

  • Set the false campsite and defeat Râkhuga

The site for the false camp is south-west of Limlaer, between Porth Cadlus and Goeolhad, in a boulder-encircled basin.

Limlaer has tasked you with setting a trap for the scouts of the Enemy.

Limlaer: 'You should set the camp south-west of here, between Porth Cadlus and Goeolhad, in a boulder-encircled basin, but you must hurry before the scouts find the real trail.'
You set the false campsite
Râkhuga the Tracker says, "Ah, time for a bit of sport!"
Râkhuga the Tracker says, "The General will avenge me!"
Defeated Râkhuga the Tracker

Objective 2

Limlaer is south-east of Echad Dúnann, along the Nan Sirannon road.

You should return to Limlaer with news of your success.

Limlaer: 'The scout-leader lies dead? You have done a great thing, <name>. I will report of your deeds to Lord Elrond.'