Quest:Disruption at Harlanc

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Disruption at Harlanc
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Thurindol
Starts at Húrin's Hall
Start Region South Ithilien
Map Ref [73.5S, 12.1W]
Quest Chain Bâr Húrin
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I have heard that Anborn was not displeased with the help you have given us. I believe you are trustworthy. Now let us send you out on Ranger's work so you may prove your skill and discretion.

'Not far from here lies Harlanc. It is the ruins of a small town overlooking the southern cliffs of Emyn Arnen. The ruins have recently been taken over by Haradrim who make camp there. The walls of the ruins remain mostly intact, making it a viable fortress. I want you to infiltrate the ruins and disrupt the camp however you see fit. I do, however, recommend destroying their supplies before they fortify their encampment. I wish you luck, <name>.'


Thurindol sends you on a mission to disrupt the forces gathered at Harlanc. There, he hopes you will use your best judgement to efficiently cripple the encampment.

Objective 1

  • Disrupt the forces gathered at Harlanc

Harlanc is located south of Bâr Húrin.

You should enter the Haradrim camp at Harlanc.

Upon entering Harlanc you take note of the ways you could disrupt the Haradrim

Objective 2

Harlanc is located south of Bâr Húrin.

You should destroy Haradrim supplies in Harlanc and search for other ways to disrupt their operations there.

Destroyed Haradrim supplies (6/6)

Objective 3

  • Return to Thurindol

Thurindol can be found in the keep at Bâr Húrin.

You should talk to Thurindol.

Thurindol: 'Your mission went well. Truly, I am impressed! With your help we will now be able to keep the Haradrim at bay on the western side of the Gaelos. Are you sure you do not wish to stay here and join our cause?'