Quest:Digging in the Dirt

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Digging in the Dirt
Level 18
Type Solo
Starts with Tobold Leafcutter
Starts at Old Barrows Road
Start Region Northern Barrow-downs
Map Ref [31.7S, 56.2W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain History in the Barrow-downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Before my journey here to the Barrow-downs, I did some reading to learn about the area. I learned about the barrows of three Men of Cardolan: Taradan, Orron, and Ringdor. I would surely like to have found some evidence to keep of my journey to those places.

'Try digging at the entrances to those barrows. I believe they lie in the north-east area of the Barrow-downs.

'Here, take this pick-axe. The tip has been blunted, so your digging shouldn't cause any damage to any lore-fragments you uncover.'


Tobold Leafcutter's studies in the Bree Library gave him an understanding of some of the secrets the Barrow-downs holds. His concern grows with every new discovery within the Barrows.

Objective 1

The barrows of Taradan, Orron, and Ringdor lie in the northern Barrow-downs.

Tobold Leafcutter has told you that you should dig at the entrances to the barrows of Taradan, Orron, and Ringdor. To help in your digging, he has given you a blunted pick-axe to use. This tool will help prevent any damage the digging may cause to any lore-fragments you uncover.

Tobold Leafcutter: 'Have you uncovered anything yet? Take the blunted pick-axe I gave you and dig at the entrances to the barrow-mounts found in the north of the Barrow-downs.
'Learning how these lands became infested with wights may help Bree-town in the future!'

Objective 2

Tobold Leafcutter waits for you between the Barrow-downs and the Old Forest.

Your digging at the barrows of Taradan, Orron and Ringdor has uncovered three fragments of lore, written on scraps of parchment. You should bring these fragments to Tobold Leafcutter.

Tobold Leafcutter: 'I'm relieved you have returned! I was worried I'd sent you to your death! Now, let me look at the lore-fragments you have brought back.
'These parchments are troubling. They appear to be written by Men of Cardolan. They speak of the kingdom falling into ruin, and those that remained falling victim to a great Plague. But that is all.
'This does not answer, though, why such fell creatures came to the Barrow-downs. I fear these fragments have only yielded more question and few answers.'