Quest:Dâr Narbugud: Purifying the Fungal Contagions

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Dâr Narbugud: Purifying the Fungal Contagions
Level 60
Type Raid
Starts with Donfuin
Starts at Dâr Narbugud
Start Region The Foundations of Stone
Map Ref [16.2S, 96.8W]
Ends with Donfuin
Ends at Dâr Narbugud
End Region The Foundations of Stone
Map Ref [16.2S, 96.8W]
Quest Group Dungeons of Lothlórien
Quest Chain Dâr Narbugud
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Kind <class>, you have done much for us in these ventures to Dâr Narbugud. I see that our wishes are the same: we both desire to see the balance of Moria restored and for all the unnatural blights to be swept away.

'Please take this ere you depart. It is a phial of pure water from Galadriel's garden, clear and clean as spring rain, and blessed by my Lady ere it was passed to my hands. You may use it to purify the deadly liquid in the chambers where the Orcs undergo their transformation.

'The roots of evil will wither and die with this draught flowing as blood in their veins. A little purity may go far in that forsaken place, <name>. This draught of Lórien will bring an end to the fell winter of sickness and plague in Dâr Narbugud.'


Celeborn has devised a means to ensure the Globsnaga fungus never survives once the legions of the infested are destroyed.

Objective 1

  • Purify the liquid in Îstum's plague-chamber
  • Purify the liquid in Zholuga's plague-chamber
  • Purify the liquid in Flâgît's plague-chamber

The chambers of rancour can be found in Dâr Narbugud, in the southern-most reaches of Moria's Foundations of Stone.

You should use the contents of the phial to cleanse the rancourous chambers of transformation within Dâr Narbugud.

Objective 2

Donfuin is outside of Dâr Narbugud in Moria.

You should return to Donfuin and inform him of your success in purifying the most corrupted places in Moria.

Donfuin: 'You have done well, <name>! You have played a great role in our time, for Moria and for fair Lothlórien as well.
'The sickness bred by the contamination of the waters in Dâr Narbugud will not trouble us further, thanks to you and your noble companions.'