Quest:Crafting: Leggings for Gagi

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Crafting: Leggings for Gagi
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Gagi Cloudbrow
Starts at Thorin's Gate
Start Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [15.0S, 103.5W]
Quest Group Crafting
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I don't know what the problem is, stranger. My father was a metalworker, and my father's father was a metalworker, but I do not seem to have inherited their skill with hammer and anvil. I do not know where it could have gone, for I have no brothers, but that skill certainly has avoided me!

'You see, I decided it was time to make a new pair of bronze leggings for myself, but I did something wrong with the heat of the fire and my hammer-blows and ended up with something more akin to a belt. A belt fused in on itself, with something like a sleeve on one end. I can't wear that! And I wouldn't wear it even if I could figure out how exactly to try it on!

'If you know a metalworker of even small skill, I'll pay you for some bronze leggings. I'll give you my leftover materials as well! And don't tell anyone about my...mishap...if you don't mind.'


Gagi Cloudbrow tried to make himself some bronze leggings, but the event has been described as something of a disaster.

Objective 1

Gagi Cloudbrow is west of Frerin's Court.

Gagi Cloudbrow has asked you to procure for him some bronze leggings, because the pair he tried to make for himself turned out poorly, and in no way resembled the leggings for which he was trying.

'These will do very well, <name>! I don't understand how mine could have turned out so very differently, because they seem easy enough to make. I just don't understand.
'Here are the coins and materials I promised you. Take with them my thanks!'