Quest:Covert Reparations III -- The Card

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Covert Reparations III -- The Card
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Ísólfur
Starts at Gondamon
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [20.3S, 96.8W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Why, hello. You're that mean <race> that hurt my poor friend Grímar's feelings. Are you back to spread the nasty message of the Ale Association?

'No, I see that you represent the Inn League this time. Odd, but I am glad for it. Grímar is very shaken by how abominably you treated him, but I think he would like some encouragement to join with the hobbits' society again.

'All right. I've decided you're trustworthy again. But Grímar gets awfully stuck in his bad moods. Hmm...I know what will cheer him up! A nice hand-made card -- something creative. Do you think you could do that for him?'


Ailward Chubb is confused as to why four dwarves have recently left the Inn League without so much as a word. He does not know it, but you harassed them on behalf of the Ale Association. You should make reparations if you wish to do your duty to the Inn League.

Objective 1

Ingredients for a hand-crafted card can be found inside of Gondamon and in the wilds just outside the dwarf-waypost.

You should collect scrap paper, gold-dust from an ore-deposit, and sap from a pine tree which will serve as glue.

This paper will make an excellent card
This gold-dust sparkles pleasantly and will make an excellent glitter
This sap will make an excellent glue

Objective 2

  • Use a craft-table of Gondamon to assemble your card

A good, sturdy crafting table can be found in Gondamon.

You should use the crafting table to assemble the glitter, glue, and paper into a nice card for Grímar.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Ísólfur in Goldamon

Grímar and Ísólfur are waiting in Gondamon.

You should deliver Grímar's cheer-up card to Ísólfur.

Ísólfur: 'Look, Grímar! A hand-crafted card, just for you1 See how it sparkles? It is made with real gold!'
Ísólfur turns his attention back to you.
'I do believe he likes it, <name>. Thank you for coming to cheer him up. He hasn't been the same dwarf since that day you chastised him so harshly.'
Ísólfur says, "Look, Grímar! A hand-crafted card!"
Ísólfur says, "Sparkling glitter and glue, see?"
Grímar says, "That is...very sparkly...."
Ísólfur says, "Doesn't it make you cheerful?"
Grímar says, "I am rather more cheerful, yes."