Quest:Chapter 9.3: Another Way In

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Chapter 9.3: Another Way In
Level 120
Type Solo
Starts with Durin
Starts at Skarháld
Start Region Ered Mithrin
Map Ref [35.6N, 46.5W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 9
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'There are some things we need to do to ensure that Skarháld is ready if Karazgar makes good on his promise to return, <name>. I will see to the repair of our siege defences and the replacement of the arrows and bolts we will need against further attack from the air.

'But I have something else in mind for you, my friend. You helped me assess the supplies inside the keep before Karazgar's attack, but I noted more than just the inventory of armour and weapons held within. Do you know what else I saw? The upper levels of the keep were inaccessible, for the stairs had been damaged long ago by the passage of time. Who knows what those rooms and chambers might hold?

'I asked Kámat and Kozun to find a ladder so they might search the rear of Tharrazhâr, the keep here at Skarháld. Go to them inside the keep and lend them what aid you can.'


While Inek focuses on taking the fight to Karazgar at the Anvil, Durin wishes to ensure that Skarháld is made ready for his possible return.

Objective 1

Durin asked you to investigate the upper levels of Tharrazhâr, the formerly-inaccessible keep of Skarháld.

Kámat waves to you and calls you over
Kámat: 'You were sent here by the Longbeard prince? Very well, very well, but I will not be responsible for your safety if something were to befall you in these chambers! The vacant rooms of the keep do not seem to hold much danger, but Kozun and I found a tunnel in one of the walls, and strange sounds echo up from the depths.
'If you do find foes within the keep or that threatening tunnel, do what you can to best them! Whatever lies within will be no friend to any of us, whether we be Longbeard or Zhélruka or something else entirely!'

Objective 2

Kámat and Kozun explored the upper level of Tharrazhâr, the keep of Skarháld, and found a tunnel winding deep into the mountain. Kámat asked you to defeat any enemies you find within the chambers of the keep or in the tunnel.

Defeated foes behind or within Tharrazhâr (8/8)
Strange sounds echo up from the depths of the winding tunnel

Objective 3

  • Find the bottom of the winding tunnel behind Tharrazhâr
  • Talk to Kozun at the bottom of the tunnel

A tunnel winds into the mountains behind Tharrazhâr, the keep of Skarháld, and Kozun went inside to investigate. Kámat has asked you to find his friend and ensure his safety.

You found the bottom of the tunnel, where it empties onto a sloping path north-west of Skarháld
Kozun: 'Kámat sent you? He did not with to follow me down here, but I do not begrudge him that. His is the path of learning and books, whereas mine is that of the hammer and the axe.'
Kozun peers through the cave-mouth.
'Kámat may know more about this than I do, but I think this tunnel served as an escape tunnel for the Dwarves of Skarháld. See how it exits among the mountains? I do not know whether ancient dwarves ever made use of it for this purpose, but it does not take much learning to see that an escape tunnel might cut both ways. Dwarves could use it to escape, true... but Karazgar could use it to invade, were he ever to find the entrance! We should collapse this cave-mouth, <name>. Here, lend me a hand with this.'

Objective 4

  • Collapse the cave-mouth at the bottom of the escape tunnel

Kozun has asked for your help in collapsing the cave-mouth at the bottom of the escape tunnel behind Tharrazhâr.

Objective 5

  • Collapse the cave-mouth at the bottom of the escape tunnel

Kozun has asked for your help in collapsing the cave-mouth at the bottom of the escape tunnel behind Tharrazhâr.

The cave-mouth has been successfully sealed by rocks

Objective 6

You have successfully collapsed the exit of the escape tunnel, and should now return to Durin on the upper level of Skarháld.

Gandalf has come to Skarháld with a small party of dwarves!

Objective 7

Durin stands on the upper level of Skarháld among a group of new arrivals, including a familiar Wizard.

Durin: 'Look who it is, <name>! Are you acquainted with Gandalf the Wizard?'