Quest:Chapter 8: A Dark Storm

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Chapter 8: A Dark Storm
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Saija
Starts at Näky-kolo
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [20.6N, 84.7W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 13
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'As you have spoken with the Gaunt King, I will tell you what I have learned of his story, but first there are things you must do. My information does not come without a price.

'Speak to me when you are ready to hear the tasks I have for you.'


Not only did you find the wreckage of the Elf-ship which had borne King Arvedui from the shores of Forochel, you found the shade of Arvedui himself.

Objective 1

  • Perform two tasks for Saija

Saija is at Näky-kolo north west of Kuru-leiri.

Saija will tell you what you need to know, but wants you to perform two tasks for her.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Saija

Saija is at Näky-kolo north west of Kuru-leiri.

Now that you have completed both of the tasks she set before you, you should speak again with Saija.

Saija: 'You have earned the right to hear this tale which has been kept by my kindred, and is known only to them and to very few among the learned Wise.
'When the great sea-monster came to take the Laiha-herra away, my people begged him not to mount upon it, for the Witch-king could send terrible storms to drown them all, but he would not listen. Surely, as the monster moved out into the great water, a most violent storm came from the north and caused the monster to be dashed upon the ice and slain.
'For many days, the storm raged, and all who ere caught outside of the village perished in the deep snow and blinding ice-rain that poured from the sky. When it finally ended, we went in search of survivors, both of the Lumi-vaki and of those who had gone out upon the sea monster, but there were none.
'In the following year, another sea monster appeared, like unto the first, but it was slain ere it neared the land, and the Vanha-väki who rode upon it fled its ruin. Though we found many bodies frozen in ice, the trail was lost at the mouth of a cave sealed by ice.'