Quest:Chapter 6: The Dwarf-mines

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Chapter 6: The Dwarf-mines
Level 50
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Arvedui
Starts at Hylje-leiri
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [18.8N, 81.3W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 13
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Thou dost not belong in this place, but it matters not. Alas, so much evil has befallen this world. I remain here in penitence, for my own curse was brought down upon my head.

'In pride, I ignored the warnings of the Lossoth, for I wished to return to my kingdom. The storms of the Ice Bay brought ruin to the vessel and all aboard her, and in despair and wrath I cursed myself for my pride. Redemption does not lay beyond hope, however, and those who follow in my footsteps may yet bring me peace.

'In the dwarf-mines south in Länsi-mâ, where we first hid from the agents of the Witch-king, we were forced to abandon many things. One such item is a book of heraldry which details the lineage of my people. Go forth and find it, then bring it to the Dúnadan who watches these cold lands at Sûri-kylä. He will take it to his lord.'


Upon finding the wreckage of the ship which came to carry King Arvedui back to the Grey Havens, you made an even more shocking discovery: the shade of Arvedui himself.

Objective 1

  • Find the book of heraldry

The book of heraldry lies in the dwarf-mines where Arvedui and his people hid in Länsi-mâ.

Arvedui instructed you to find the book of heraldry that was abandoned deep in the old dwarf-mines and bring it to a Ranger encamped in Forochel.

Objective 2

  • Deliver the book of heraldry to a Ranger encamped in Forochel

The Ranger is encamped at Sûri-kylä.

Now that you have found the book of heraldry as directed by Arvedui, you should take it to the Ranger the ancient king spoke of.

Lothrandir: 'What is this? A book of heraldry once belonging to Arvedui of Arthedain? Ai-oi! You say you have seen the spirit of Arvedui himself?
'I will take this at once to Rivendell, for this tale must be told to Elrond and Aragorn!'

Objective 3

Arevedui is in the wreckage of the Elf-ship, north along the Ice-bay in Talvi-mûri.

Having delivered the book, you should return to Arvedui for further guidance.

Lothrandir: 'Return now to the shade of Arvedui, by the wreckage of the ship that sought to bring him from this land!'
Arevedui: 'Thank thee, friend from the South. Thou hast earned me one step closer to redemption.
'Pride can be such a terrible thing. I desired out of pride to return to Fornost and caused the deaths of many Elves.
'Ah, but I speak of things that I should not dwell upon....'