Quest:Chapter 4: The Missing

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Chapter 4: The Missing
Level 89
Type Solo
Starts with Arcil
Starts at Aldburg Mead Hall
Start Region Eastfold
Map Ref [69.5S, 64.0W]
Ends with Arcil
Ends at Aldburg
End Region Eastfold
Map Ref [69.5S, 64.0W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 12
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have proven yourself an able motivator, <name>, and I wish to make use of that skill once again! A number of workers took a horse and waggon into the Everholt, and have not returned. They planned to retrieve timber from the woods with which to reinforce some of the buildings of Aldburg, but now I am not certain. You may be able to follow the sound of feasting and the singing of songs.

'Go out to the Everholt, if you will, and look for these workers and their waggon. Convince them to do the work they agreed to do, as you did with the workers outside the walls. With good fortune we may restore Aldburg before Éomer returns from the war.'


Impressed with your success motivating the workers in Aldburg, Arcil wants you to find another group that has gone missing.

Objective 1

  • Find the waggon of craftsmen in the Everholt

A number of craftsmen took a waggon from Aldburg into the Everholt to collect timber.

Arcil has asked you to search the Everholt for the waggon of craftsmen, and to convince them to do the work they are supposed to do.

The waggon is abandoned and there are signs of struggle. Tracks lead south

Objective 2

Tracks lead south from the abandoned waggon in the Everholt to a cave entrance.

Objective 3

Nona, Horn, and Corudan are in the town of Aldburg, in the Eastfold, and wish to speak with you.

You have arrived in Aldburg
Nona: 'It is good to see you again, <name>. I can think of no better way to meet up with friends than to see them again in the thick of battle! It was a happy meeting.
'Corudan and I made the journey to Forlaw with my recovered friends from Wildermore. Some families in Forlaw have opened their doors to them until my friends can find places of their own. We then rode to the river, and it was here that pride gave way to good sense. Rather than upset the guard at the crossing, Corudan suggested that we find another place to cross the river. It was not difficult.
'We planned to travel to the King's seat, there to seek you and Horn, but before we left the forest we heard cries of Orcs and diverted our course to follow them. You know the rest.'
Corudan: 'We would have rescued those people without incident, <name>, but I am glad you appeared when you did in any event. Nona and I crossed the Entwash at the narrows south of the guarded crossing. I thought it the wisest course, and did not want to put Hunbald in an unfortunate position regarding his orders. Nona would have put him in an unfortunate position, as well: under the ground. I thought it might be best to avoid the Entwade altogether.
'That is what brought us to the Everholt, where I heard the Orc attack in the woods. We followed them into that cave, and that is where you enter the tale.
'It is good to see you again.'
Horn: 'We are all back together again, and let the foes of Rohan beware! After we report to Arcil, we should return to Edoras. We have done as we promised for both Éowyn and Éomer, but there is sure to be more we can do for the people of the Mark.
'But first, let us tell Arcil what happened to the workers that went missing in the Everholt.'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Arcil in the Mead Hall of Aldburg

Arcil is in the Mead Hall of Aldburg, in the Eastfold.

Horn has asked you to report of your success in the Everholt to Arcil in the Mead Hall.

Nona: 'It is good to see you again. The four of us can accomplish more together than we can apart!'
Corudan: 'It is good to be back with you, <name>.'
Horn: 'Tell Arcil what we have accomplished, and then we should return to Edoras.'
Arcil: 'Wilmund and Torwulf just left the hall, and they spoke at length of your actions on their behalf, <name>. They, and I, cannot thank you and your friends enough!'