Quest:Chapter 4, Part II: Freeing Dori

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Chapter 4, Part II: Freeing Dori
Level 30
Type Solo or Fellowship
Starts with Hannar
Starts at Othrikar
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [7.2S, 44.9W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 3
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'A council of the Free Peoples? How could we give thought to a council with Dori gone? It was only with Dori's arrival, and the hoard of gems he brought, that hope began to creep back into our hearts. But Dori has been captured, the gems lost, and hope is stolen away.

'If those Men, those Rangers, wish to have the help of the Dwarves of Othrikar, then Dori must be freed! You -- if you are the Rangers' envoy -- must do this if you desire our presence at this council!

'Dori is likely being held in the Dourhands' camp to the west of Othrikar. Free Dori and escort him to safety! Once he is free, we will make our decision regarding this council of yours.'

NOTE: It is suggested that you complete this quest while in a fellowship. Inspiration will assist you if you choose to undertake this challenge alone or with a smaller group.


When you arrived at Othrikar, bringing word of the Council of Esteldín, Hannar told you that Dori, the emissary of the Longbeards of Erebor, had been captured by the Dourhands.

Objective 1

The Dourhands' camp where Dori is being held is west of Othrikar. Search the ruins for where Dori is being held.

Hannar told you that the Dwarves could not even consider coming to the Council of Esteldín, unless Dori was freed from the Dourhands. As an envoy of the Rangers, he told you that you must free him if you hope to have the support of the Dwarves at the Council.

Hannar: 'We will do nothing until Dori is freed!'
Dori: 'Well, it's about time! Those Dourhands took the hoard of gems I brought, we've got to get them back. Othrikar is depending on them!
'Come on now, before the Dourhands get suspicious!'
Dori says, "Good to be free from those bonds!"
Dori says, "Now, follow me!"
Dori says, "We've got to get the gems back!"
Dori says, "They're deep in the camp, follow me!"
  • Escort Dori to safety
Dori says, "When I was first brought here, I was taken into this part of the camp!"
Dori says, "If the gems are anywhere, they'll be back here!"
Dori says, "Not much further!"
Dori says, "Here! That chest! They put the gems there!"
Dori says, "Just a moment!"
Dori says, "Alright, I've got the gems. Let's be off!"
Dori says, "I'll be glad to leave this place behind!"
Dori says, "Stay close!"
Dori says, "We're nearly free of the camp!"
Dori says, "Don't falter now! It's only a bit further!"
Dori says, "At last, free of the Dourhands!"
Dori says, "I can make it to Othrikar from here!"
You have escorted Dori to safety
Dori says, "You have my thanks!"
Dori says, "I shall see you again, I am sure!"

Objective 2

Hannar can be found at the mines of Othrikar.

After escorting Dori to safety, he told you to return to Othrikar and speak to Hannar.

Hannar: 'You have done a great thing for the Dwarves of Othrikar this day! Dori arrived not long before you and is resting inside, but he told us of your valiant rescue! We are at your service!'