Quest:Chapter 3.1: A Matter of Survival

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Chapter 3.1: A Matter of Survival
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Glóin
Starts at Limlók
Start Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [21.1N, 56.1W]
Ends with Runerik Knotbeard
Ends at Limlók
End Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [21.1N, 56.2W]
Quest Group The Legacy Of Durin And The Trials Of The Dwarves: Chapter 3
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I am troubled by this news that Gorgar, brother of Mazog, now rules in Gundabad, but do not mistake me! I do not fear him. The line from which he springs has long troubled Durin's Folk, but have we not laughed last in every case? We are not unprepared to deal with Gorgar, now that we know we must.

'We must send messages to Durin in Skarháld and to King Thorin at the Lonely Mountain, warning them of Gundabad's new leader. It is for this very purpose I brought messenger-ravens with me on this journey, <name>, though I did not guess at the content of the messages they needs must bear!

'Will you ask Runerik for some parchment upon which I can write these messages of warning? I brought the birds, it is true, but I seem to have left my papers behind.'


Glóin has made his decision: he must send message-ravens to Skarháld and to the Lonely Mountain bearing word of this new Lord of Gundabad.

Objective 1

Runerik Knotbeard is outside his lodge in the village of Limlók.

Runerik Knotbeard: 'I do not understand why your friend is so concerned about the one called "Gorgar the Ruthless". One Orc is much the same as any other, in my experience and that of my kind.
'But I can spare some parchment for him to write the frightened warnings he wants to send back home. There is a box of paper near the task board, and my people use its contents to post requests and other messages on the board. You can give him some parchment from that box, if you must.'

Objective 2

  • Take some small parchments from the box of scrolls

The box of scrolls is near the task board in Limlók.

BOX OF PARCHMENT: "The Beornings of Limlók use the parchment within this box to post requests on the task board."
You remove suitable papers from the box, leaving some for the folk of Limlók

Objective 3

  • Find Glóin and his ravens in the centre of Limlók

Glóin is in the centre of the village, preparing his ravens to carry messages to Skarháld and the Lonely Mountain.

Glóin has attracted some attention while he readies his ravens

Objective 4

  • Bring the small parchments to Glóin in Limlók

Glóin is in the centre of the village, preparing his ravens to carry messages to Skarháld and the Lonely Mountain.

Glóin: 'Ah, these will do nicely, thank you. I need to decide how to phrase this message, and then copy it onto each of these papers. I need to...'
Glóin looks up with barely-disguised irritation.
'I need to concentrate, and this child has peppered me with questions ever since I began! Yes, yes, I told you once! This one is Vaka, and this one is Telgja. Their names mean Vigilant and Cutter, if you must know.'
Glóin masters his tone, and speaks again to you.
'And this one here is Hjála, which means Chatter, and I daresay he and the Beorning child have much in common! Can you keep this child entertained while I prepare these messages, <name>? I need to think, and these constant questions are not helping!'

Objective 5

A young Beorning child stands nearby, fascinated by Glóin and the messenger-ravens.

Vídar: 'Do they fly very high? How do they know where to go? What's the farthest they've ever flown before?'
Vídar pauses for air, and you manage to interject a question. The child considers it briefly.
'Have I any chores that need doing? Well, yes, I suppose. I am nearly a man grown, after all, and Mother says it is my job to scout outside Limlók once a week. I will go do that now, if you will let her know! You have already met her, yes? Her name is Yrsa.
'Okay, I am leaving now. But I want to learn more about the ravens when I get back!'
Glóin grunts without commitment


Objective 6

According to her son Vídar, Yrsa has tasked him with scouting outside the village once a week.

Yrsa: 'It is true, I told Vídar that as he grows into a man he must shoulder further duties around the village. That includes scouting the wilderness outside Limlók, but I did not expect him to choose to do so immediately after an attack by an Orc raiding-party!
'He has always been a bold boy. I should have expected it, after all! Perhaps you can ease a mother's worries by finding him on his patrol and ensuring he does not run into harm? There are three places he enjoys to scout, to the south-east, south, and south-west of the village. Look for him at one of these locations and safeguard Vídar, and I will remember your good-hearted assistance.
'It will also keep him out from underfoot your dwarves, which I know they will appreciate. Vídar always has so many questions.'

Objective 7

  • Talk to Vídar at one of his three favourite scouting locations

Yrsa told you to scout the wild lands south of Limlók with her son Vídar. You will find the Beorning boy at one of three different spots: to the south-east, south, or south-west of the village.


The bear cub snorts in your direction, but you cannot guess at its meaning. Is this Vídar? You hope so, both for your sake and his!


You greet the bear cub in the language of its kind, and he responds jovially. 'Did you get lost?' he asks, his ears twitching.

Objective 8

  • Fight alongside the bear cub
The bear cub hurries away in triumph!

Objective 9

  • Talk to Yrsa Spearwife in Limlók

Yrsa Spearwife is in south-east Limlók.

Yrsa: 'Vídar returned and spoke of your prowess! Thank you for keeping an eye on him, <name>.'


You are relieved to learn that the bear cub was Yrsa's son Vídar after all. On the journey back to Limlók you had not been entirely certain.

'Your friends have gathered behind the lodge to release the messenger-ravens. You should join them.'

Objective 10

  • Find the dwarves behind Runerik and Yrsa's lodge

The dwarves have gathered behind Runerik and Yrsa's lodge to release the messenger-ravens.

The dwarves have gathered to watch Glóin release the ravens

Objective 11

  • Talk to Imák behind Runerik's lodge

Imák is behind Runerik's lodge to watch the release of the messenger-ravens.

Imák: 'Are they ready or not? What is the delay?'

Objective 12

  • Watch the departure of the messenger-ravens

The messenger-ravens will bear word of the new Lord of Gundabad to Durin at Skarháld and to King Thorin in the Lonely Mountain.

Objective 13

  • Talk to Runerik Knotbeard outside his lodge in Limlók

Runerik Knotbeard is outside his lodge in the village of Limlók.

Runerik: 'The ravens have been sent? Fine, fine.'
Runerik's brows crease with a new thought.
'I should have read the messages before your dwarf friend released the ravens. He has not called an entire company of dwarves here, has he?'