Quest:Chapter 14: Waking Leaflock

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Chapter 14: Waking Leaflock
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Corudan
Starts at Leaflock's Mead
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [32.2S, 73.2W]
Ends with Corudan
Ends at Nona's Cave
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.8S, 68.3W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I beheld many Orcs cutting their way through Balewood while we searched for this place, <name>. If you engage them in combat, perhaps the din will be sufficient to awaken our sleeping friend.

'And if not, well, there will be fewer Orcs in Balewood. Is that not a worthy result?'


You found Leaflock the Ent within Balewood, but now you need to wake him to your need.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Orcs in the Balewood, and be noisy about it (0/5)

Orcs can be found in the Balewood, especially along the path called Núrzum's Wrath.

Objective 2

You have raised quite a din fighting Orcs in Balewood, and should see if it was enough to waken Leaflock.

Corudan: 'I heard the din of fighting from here! You should see if that was enough to waken our sleeping friend.'
Leaflock: The old Ent's state does not seem to have changed the slightest. He does not respond to your beckoning.

Objective 3

  • Defeat Orcs in the Balewood, and be even noisier about it (0/5)

Orcs can be found in the Balewood, especially along the path called Núrzum's Wrath.

Corudan: 'I am not ready to give up. Go back out there and make even more noise!'

Objective 4

You have raised quite a din fighting Orcs in Balewood, and should see if it was enough to waken Leaflock.

Corudan: 'That was quite a lot of noise, my friend. Do any Orcs remain in the Balewood?
'Check on Leaflock and see if that was enough to wake him.'
Leaflock: A sighing sound escapes from somewhere within the cracks of Leaflock's weathered face, but you see no other sign of wakefulness.

Objective 5

Corudan is in Leaflock's mead, trying to devise a means of waking the slumbering Ent.

Corudan: 'This is proving more difficult than I expected, <name>.'
Corudan thinks for a moment.
'Perhaps the danger and the noise is too far away to draw Leaflock's attention. Go to Núrzum's Wrath and defeat some Uruks of the White Hand. Bring some of their equipment to Leaflock and see if that will stir him to wakefulness.'

Objective 6

  • Collect a White Hand helmet from an Uruk in the Balewood
  • Collect a White Hand blade from an Uruk in the Balewood

White Hand Uruks can be found at Núrzum's Wrath, in the Balewood.

Corudan thinks you should collect some White Hand equipment from Uruks in Balewood and show them to Leaflock.

Corudan: 'Until Leaflock wakes, Wildermore remains at the mercy of Núrzum... and he has none. Collect equipment from White Hand Uruks and show them to the sleeping Ent.'

Objective 7

  • Show the White Hand equipment to Leaflock

You have collected some White Hand equipment from Orcs in Balewood and should show them to Leaflock. That may rouse the Ent to wakefulness.

Corudan: 'Show that equipment to Leaflock and see if it rouses him to wakefulness.'
Leaflock: You hold up the blade and helmet bearing the mark of the White Hand. For long moments it seems nothing will happen, until finally Leaflock's eye swivels open and fixes upon the Orc-weapons.
'Hooom, brooooom. Why do you wake Leaflock... Leaflock...'
A deep rumbling within the Ent goes on for some time, and you wonder if he is sleepily giving you his name in his own language.

Objective 8

You are trying to waken Leaflock to your cause.

Corudan: 'Look at him! What a delight to meet another Ent in these fading years!'
Leaflock: You explain to Leaflock that Wildermore is held in the grip of an unnatural winter, and is at the mercy of a giant called Núrzum.
The sighing of the wind through the branches is Leaflock's only reponse for many minutes. Then a rumbling sound slowly separates from the sound of the sleeping forest, and you realize he speaks again.
'You use small names for big things, little one.'
Somewhere snow falls from an upper branch and lands with a soft sound onto a drift.
'Wildermore? Hooom... it is not a name I know...'

Objective 9

You are trying to waken Leaflock to your cause.

Corudan: 'Of course! Leaflock would have no knowledge of the names of kingdoms or the properties of Men. He may have been asleep since before the Riddermark was founded!'
Leaflock: You try to appeal to Leaflock's sense of duty, and speak of the hardships endured by the people of Wildermore at the hands of the Orcs and beneath Núrzum's trampling feet.
'The lives of Orcs are short. They may hack and claw and burn for a time, but never for long. It is true of Men also, hoom... boom... broom.'
Leaflock is silent as you gather your thoughts and try to devise another approach. Before you come up with something, the Ent unexpectedly speaks.
'I do not know what beast is described by this name "Núrzum". What do you mean by this name?'
Upper branches creak and groan as a slight breeze picks up, and the forest all around seems to be listening.

Objective 10

You are trying to waken Leaflock to your cause.

Corudan: 'He is curious about what we have to say now. Before he was disturbed by our presence, but now I think he may be disturbed by our words. That is what we need, I am certain of it!'
Leaflock: You describe Núrzum to the Ent as best as you are able, trying to remember his form and features as you saw them amid the flying snow at Byre Tor. Leaflock shakes and quivers, becoming more animated than you have seen him.
'Hroom! Broom! You said he was a giant! That is not just a giant!'
A mighty and branch-like aim angrily spears a nearby drift sending an explosion of snow skyward.
'It may have been a giant once. Now it is more than that. You describe an unnatural combination. It was a giant. It was also a huorn. Twisted! Corrupted!'
Leaflock shakes angrily.
'Broom! Boom! Leaflock will not allow this! Leaflock will deal with this!'

Objective 11

Corudan is in Leaflock's Mead.

Leaflock: Leaflock shakes angrily.
'Someone must pay for this, hoom, broom! Twisting a Huorn in this way! Hoom! Broom!'
Corudan: 'Look at that, <name>! An Ent can be truly frightening when he is roused! I do not know what Leaflock will do about Núrzum, but this is better than I had hoped we could achieve!
'I will meet you back at Nona's cave, <name>. I want to speak to Leaflock for a short while, if I may.'

Objective 12

Corudan has agreed to meet you back at Nona's cave after he is done speaking with Leaflock.

Leaflock: 'Hoom! Boom! Broom! This Núrzum is an unnatural being and cannot be allowed to walk these lands!'
Corudan: 'It is good to see you again, <name>. I spoke with Leaflock for a time after you left, and it is difficult to say if he will help us. He remained angry, but some of his initial fury had subsided.
'He cares little for the plight of Men, or Elves, but of trees and Huorns he cares a great deal. If Núrzum was simply a giant, Leaflock would not trouble himself at all to help us. If Núrzum is as he appears to be, an unnatural fusion of a giant and a Huorn, there is at least a chance that Leaflock will involve himself.
'I do not know how great a chance that may be, but we have done what we could.'
Completing this quest will unlock an optional interlude from Gléowine's map.