Quest:Bundle for Needlehole

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Bundle for Needlehole
Level 7
Type Solo
Starts with Postman Twofoot
Starts at Waymeet
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [32.8S, 73.0W]
Ends with Postman Redsmith
Ends at Needlehole
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [27.1S, 75.9W]
Quest Group Shire
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The Quick Post service has really fallen behind -- there is always so much mail to deliver, and some to every town in the Shire, that even with a team of dedicated carriers, we still can't deliver everything as speedily as Postmaster Proudfoot would like!

'If you'd like to help out, you'll be more than welcome! There on the table you will find a satchel of mail for Postman Redsmith in Needlehole. Would you mind taking it to him? You'll find him right in the centre of Needlehole, to the north-west of Waymeet and beyond the Rushock Bog.

'Watch out for nosey hobbits, for they will delay you and prevent your delivery. Don't let the satchel get wet! The Rushock Bog is a damp place, so stay to the road if you can!'


Postman Twofoot of Waymeet has asked you to deliver a satchel to Needlehole.

Objective 1

Postman Redsmith can be found in the centre of Needlehole.

Deliver the satchel to Postman Redsmith in Needlehole as quickly as possible. Let no nosey hobbits interfere with your duty, and keep the satchel away from water!

Postman Twofoot: 'The satchel for Needlehole is over there on the table. Take it to Postman Redsmith as quickly as possible! Let no nosey hobbits interfere in your duy, and keep the satchel dry!'