Quest:Bows and Arrows

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Bows and Arrows
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Thurindol
Starts at Húrin's Hall
Start Region South Ithilien
Map Ref [73.5S, 12.2W]
Quest Chain Bâr Húrin
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'We are always in need of extra bows and ready supplies of arrows. Would you mend some bows and make arrows for us? After you are done could you deliver some of the arrows to Rangers here in Bâr Húrin?'


Thurindol asks you to assist the Rangers stationed in Bâr Húrin by repairing their bows and making more arrows for them.

Objective 1

  • Make bundles of arrows (0/8)
  • Repair bows (0/4)

Workbenches can be found in Bâr Húrin.

You should repair bows and make bundles of arrows.

Made a bundle of arrows (8/8)
Repaired a bow (4/4)

Objective 2

  • Deliver bundles of arrows (0/8)

Empty quivers can be found in Bâr Húrin.

You should fill the quivers with arrows.

Nanoth says, "Thank you."
Ranger of Ithilien says, "Great work!"
Ranger of Ithilien says, "I commend your efforts."
Ranger of Ithilien says, "Just what I needed!"
Stable-master says, "Thank you."
Ranger of Ithilien says, "You're quite the helpful one around here."
Ranger of Ithilien says, "Thank you."
Delivered a bundle of arrows (8/8)

Objective 3

  • Speak with Thurindol

Thurindol can be found in the keep at Bâr Húrin.

You should talk to Thurindol.

Thurindol: 'I have heard that your arrows are very well made. The Rangers are able to shoot with even greater accuracy now. I thank you again for your diligent help.'