Quest:Angmar's Chieftains

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Angmar's Chieftains
Level 140
Type Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with First Marshal Sathryth[16.3S, 11.8W]
Starts at Ost Ringdyr
Ends with First Marshal Sathryth[16.3S, 11.8W]
Ends at Ost Ringdyr
Quest Group Ettenmoors Freep
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'You there, <player race>, I have task for you.

'Chieftains command great numbers of the Enemy's forces, second only to the tyrants that lead the war-host.

'Should you run afoul of these terrors, slay them and bring me their seals so that I might see you rewarded for their defeat.'


First Marshal Sathryth at Ost Ringdyr is collecting seals found on the Chieftains of Angmar's army in the Ettenmoors.

Objective 1

The Chieftains of Angmar may be found among the Enemy in the Ettenmoors.

Chieftains amongst Angmar's army bear seals that denote their station. Slay them and take the seals to earn recognition amongst the Free Peoples. First Marshal Sathryth has promised a reward for the seals you bring her.

Objective 2

First Marshal Sathryth:

'Each chieftain that falls strengthens our position, <player name>. You are a hero to all the Free Peoples. Seek Quartermaster Ash at Glân Vraig to earn greater regcognition of your efforts in the Ettenmoors.'